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Hi there! 😊
The results of the first two days of trading:
We listed the pair SCAMINA/USDT on the PancakeSwap for trading.
As promised in such a ratio that the initial price would be $0.000004

The first merged one of the holders, who was part of the project team and had the privilege of buying a token at an insider price. Naturally, this teammate is no longer on the team. We bought this strait and returned the price to the starting values.

Then one more person from the chat room merged, who just decided to make 1X at the beginning.

This is his right, this is the market. We gave this opportunity, he took it.
The only thing I feel sorry for is this man, because there’s more than one X in the project, and we have more ambitious plans than he thought.
Well, we’re not going to teach anyone how to deal with their funds. We simply give opportunities and you implement them to the extent of your education and awareness.

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Then one of the big whales has liquidated. This also happens. Again, this is the market and everyone decides how it is in this market to act. The only thing that hurts is that he drew us an ugly red candle at the beginning of our schedule. Although such candles are displayed in many projects at the initial stages. Weak hands drop in fear of losing a pitiful benefit, but as a rule then bite their elbows and buy again in the market.
You can also see this picture by opening a schedule for almost any project.

The result of all this. Yeah, well, personally, I’m at least the founder of the project, and our marketing budget suffered a little bit, so, yeah, we’re going to be a little longer now.

But the project will not go away, will not stop and will not stop.

Moreover, now the project team will work even more in a stronger mode!

From our community, we expect support, and of course assistance in development!

Yes, and also, the price is now in the sweetest place that insiders even bought, so take your chances.

I almost forgot to say one more technically important thing.

All Virgo tokens and the ability to empty the bullet are locked. This you can check on the basic scan.

Good luck!


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