$SNFTS Vesting Update

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Hello everybody!

Today, is the day of the 2nd vesting of $SNFTS.

The 1st vesting started with technical issues that we haven’t ever experienced as Seedify, maybe due to the size of the airdrop, maybe because we were not fully prepared. If we look from the bright side, in terms of the financial value created, SNFTS did numbers beyond most people’s expectations, especially considering the market conditions.

We take full of responsibility on the technical issues, as we should have written historical snapshot features prior to double check the reliability of the snapshots taken. But since our snapshots worked fine until now, we didn’t expect such problems to happen.

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In the past month, we wrote a historical snapshot feature, which helped us go back to the blocks that snapshots were taken, and retake the snapshots to find out the irregularities.

The problems have been fixed for those who have staked or farmed $SFUND during the snapshots; and on 24th we have airdropped 1st vesting of $SNFTS (+ a little bonus for the time they couldn’t stake) to the remaining users who had problems.

The 2nd vesting claims for those who were eligible by staking or farming SFUND will be available at 3pm UTC from today at https://claim.seedify.fund/ on the BSC section.

For the NFT communities who are eligible for welcome packages, we’ve been looking at the issues with our new historical snapshots module, but there were also a few communities who had unique staking systems, which we had to write new codes for them to make sure we can get a full picture of all the eligible users for SNFTS welcome packages.

The claims happening today will be only for SFUND stakers and farmers who were eligible, and once we finalize the historical snapshots completely regarding NFT community welcome packages, we will then open up the claims for those too at a later date.

The welcome packages will also be sent with staking bonuses, so that the fairness can be kept.

We could have done this airdrop so much better technically speaking. Whatever mistake we did on our part, we will recoup it through working much harder to create value for everyone who owns/eligible for SNFTS.

In the next few days, there will be some big announcements coming in regards to how we will continue to create additional value for those who own/eligible for SNFTS. Especially stay tuned for the 2nd of October, which is Sunday.

Kind regards,
Seedify Team

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