Stolen NFTs?! BTC Mining COLLAPSE in Russia?! Latest Crypto News

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Actor Seth Green’s Bored Ape NFT was stolen – and has now derailed his TV show plans?! BTC mining in Russia is facing heavy regulation and BTC price predictions go lower?! Today we have some insane crypto news, so subscribe to VoskCoin for the best crypto content!

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Scams and hackers are an unfortunate problem with crypto and the NFT space – and even celebrities are not immune to it! Seth Green had his Bored Ape NFT was stolen in a phishing attack, which has now caused copyright issues with his new show that was set to star the BAYC NFT. Russia is also passing regulation regarding Bitcoin mining that could lead to some serious consequences for miners in Russia as well as mining farms based out of Russia. Find all this, and more, including Bitcoin (BTC) trading and price prediction news, in today’s video!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Popular NFT stolen?
01:53 Popular NFTs stolen by scammer
03:49 Energi secures $50 Million in investment
05:54 Energi launching NFTs on their chain
07:19 UST/LUNA lawsuits
08:26 Do Kwan in serious trouble?
09:36 Some troubling information leaked
10:36 Coinbase becomes first Fortune 500 crypto company
12:57 Russia updates crypto mining bill
15:28 Crazy Bitcoin predictions
19:54 Crypto status report

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  1. Just what we all need. Another platform charging higher gas than eth.!

  2. Vosk I see a lot of the same issues you see. I've moved to a 5 acre rural property and am focusing on building a new community of friends who will support each other. I don't follow the news anymore and the world seems a whole lot better now. But all the changed was me and where I focused my energy and intentions.

  3. You say there isn’t a conflict…. Or you don’t say, should I say? Anywho, I know someone from Syria who said that Donald Trump never actually launched missiles at Syria back when he first became president and he supposedly did. I guess it was just a political ploy.

  4. I fkn love you bro, I can't agree anymore the mainstream news is absolute shite, it's really infuriating all the lies spewing out and some ppl actually eat it up, like those I live with. It's the greatest and worst time to be alive hahahaha

  5. always good information Vosk,
    you want to know what is happening in Russia and China they are trying to force their way into the bitcoin market.
    all the little countries around them invested heavy into bitcoin and china especially lost a lot of influence, they are coming back.

  6. Thanks for your video, it's greatly appreciated to see more focus on Energi, a lot of people were not taking it seriously, but they are slowly waking up to the huge potential Energi has for the future.

  7. holy moly! that conclusion you said in the end of the video was pure facts! you continue to make funny but informational videos and give us the info we need not the media bs fomo/fud just straight up facts! thanks vosk keep up the good work! let's continue to be decent human beings!

  8. Hi, can your channel help with promotional ads? I will sponsor you to pay your fees, what is your contact information?

  9. Been holding energi since the beginning. Great project that’s completely undervalued. All these people investing into worthless meme coins and rug pulls, and completely missing something worth while in energi !

  10. Possibly teens for btc or even $8k and me, having taken delivery on an S19J Pro two weeks ago, that I paid over $1000 more than they're going for now. F@ck it…I'm going to keep going.

  11. there's absolutely nothing funnier than idiots who paid for JPGs having them stolen

  12. If you catch the left or the right side of the top your still catching the top. So stfu and enjoy those gainz

  13. I can tell you are down bro I've been watching and learning from you for years and can see the frustration from all the negativity you are bombarded with just remember there are a lot of people that truly appreciate your time and effort .THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP

  14. First they make steering wheels and quick releases and now a crypto. NRG

  15. Energi is the most security-oriented cryptocurrency, featuring innovative safety protocols that have been intelligently designed to prevent a wide range of cybercrime while easing user access to DeFi applications.

  16. I have a friend who keeps trying to long, keeps saying that “this is the bottom..wait, this is the bottom! Wait…” lol I told him straight up that is wasn’t and still isn’t, and I haven’t been doing this as long as he is. He’s wishful, but like you were mentioning at the end: the world around us is going crazy! Crypto isn’t any exception

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