Survivor Protocol Launchpad

Survivor Protocol: Launchpad

At Survivor Protocol we know a thing or two about what it takes in order to survive bear markets. We have multiple team members who have been in the crypto scene since 2014 and others who came in around 2016–2017. We’ve experienced the good times and the bad times in this volatile yet rapidly growing crypto economy. We also know a thing or two about growing a strong community from scratch and launching a project. This is where we as a team believe we can not only add even more utility to Survivor Protocol but also help in assisting other protocols in the rising Defi space with the Survivor Launchpad.

Unlike other launchpads this will be a one stop shop for everything an up and coming project may need in order to launch. Look no further than Survivor Launchpad when your project needs prelaunch services and assistance.

We should mention, some of the profit generated from the Survivor Launchpad will be funneled back to the Lifeline Investments/BUSD rewards pools creating even more incentives to hold the HP token! 😎🏝

Although still in early discussions on services provided, some we have thought about offering include:

Marketing Assistance

We know the struggle sometimes when you’re a project just starting out with 10 twitter followers and no clue where to grow ORGANIC and REAL followers. We can help with services such as AMA’s, Twitter Spaces, Discord/TG pinned messages etc. Anything that you may want the growing Survivor Community and the entire crypto space to hear about we can help with!

Presale Launchpad

Sick of pinksale taking astronomical fees and a share of your projects tokens then immediately dumping them after you launch? So are we! That’s why we launched on our own website and our future presale launchpad will promise to always stay below the fee prices that pinksale offers while also providing package offers with (assisted marketing, partnership opportunities, auditing, etc)

Contract Auditing & KYC Services

No longer will you have to go somewhere for a smart contract audit and somewhere else to launch your presale. This will be a one stop shop for startup projects! Our devs are some of the best in the crypto space and can get it all done for you in house. We also will be able to provide KYC services as well!

Potential Survivor Partnership

Potential partnership with the Survivor Protocol itself will always be a possibility with the right fit, when new projects approach us on our launchpad. No project is off the table!

Partnership & Influencer Referral Program

In addition to our marketing assistance program, another potential service in the future would be a referral program where we hook future projects up with our existing partners, protocols and influencers that we already work with!

Website Setup/Web Hosting/Security

Have no experience in this field on your team? No problem! Survivor Launchpad can provide this service to future projects as well.

  • Ultra Fast Hosting.
  • Private servers
  • Free Migrations
  • Free Wordpress Setup
  • Access to Personal Backend for information like SSL status, analytics etc.
  • Super Cacher for Speed boost
  • Unlimited domain Email Accounts
  • Up to 50GB ram on traffic spikes
  • Easily 1M visitors handled
  • Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate
  • HTTPS Enforced
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Plugins Up to date facility
  • CDN to prevent any ddos attacks

And much more!

In addition to all of the above, there will also be services to assist with listings on various sites such as Coin Gecko, Coin Market Cap and more.

As you can see, the team here at Survivor Protocol is ready to take the Defi world by storm not only with our own protocol but by incubating up and coming DeFi protocols as well. Together we can all Survive the crypto bear market and set ourselves and others up for success way beyond!

Find us on Twitter @SurvivorDefi and join our Discord ( and Telegram ( Communities!

This article aims to provide education exclusively and is not meant to provide financial guidance. The Survivor Protocol Team disclaims any responsibility for any loss or harm resulting from the use of such information or services.

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