Swap farming Crypto buy and sell made simple

Swap farming- Crypto buy and sell made simple.

Swap farming- Crypto buy and sell made simple.

What is Binance Swap Farming?
Binance Swap Farming is a brand new product on Binance that allows users to swap and trade their coins, while enjoying some of the best rates on the market. Binance Swap Farming uses the automated market maker (AMM) model to help you easily and securely swap cryptocurrency pairs from a pool of coins and tokens.
How Does Swap Farming Work?
Automated market makers allow you to trade your coins from a liquidity pool rather than directly with another party. Pairs of tokens are pooled together, and each token’s price is determined by its ratio. One user could provide BNB and BUSD tokens in equal amounts to the BNB — BUSD pool. Someone else could then use these tokens to swap between BNB and BUSD for a fee.
Binance Swap Farming offers 150+ pairs for you to trade. You can enjoy extra BNB rewards, totaling up to 50% of the trading fees.

Benefits of Swap Farming
Easy to use: Swap with the click of a button. Swap Farming is the simplest way to trade crypto for high-volume traders
Arbitrage opportunities: Capture arbitrage opportunities between spot and swap markets
Capital efficient: Low slippage with better rates compared to trading via DEX
Earn BNB rewards: Earn BNB rewards totaling up to 50% of the transaction fees
Fee deduction: Save up to 50% on trading fees for VIP users
VIP tier requirements: Swap Farming trading volume counts towards the trading volume for VIP tier requirements.

What Are the Risks of Swap Farming?
Swap Farming provides the usual benefits you’d expect from Binance. As always, your funds are totally SAFU. There’s minimal risk of loss when using Swap Farming, meaning you can use the product while enjoying peace of mind. With low risk and high rewards, what’s not to like?
There’s also no need to access external decentralized applications like with other AMM services. With just one click, you can get from the Binance homepage straight to Swap Farming’s simple-to-use UI.
With any trade or swap, there is always the risk of slippage occurring and getting a different price from what you expected. With Swap Farming, this risk has been minimized, thanks to Binance’s industry-leading liquidity. In fact, Swap Farming offers more than 100 trading pairs, each with deep liquidity.

How to use Swap farming
Step 1:
Login to your Binance Account (or click here to register), Click [MORE] ==> [TRADE] ==> [SWAP FARMING]

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Step 2:
Choose the token you want to swap.

You can select from multiple cryptocurrencies in the [FROM] and [TO] fields.
Enter the amount you’d like to swap and confirm the details of your trade. Slippage and the fee are calculated automatically.

step 3.

Click [SWAP] to finish the transaction.

How to get Swap Rewards?
Currently, only certain token pairs are eligible for Swap Rewards on Binance Swap Farming. Swap Rewards are transaction fee rebates in BNB.
1. Click [VIEW ALL] to view all liquid swap pairs that are eligible for up to 50% fee rebate in BNB.

Please note:
The Swap Rewards you receive will be calculated based on the swap rate of your order. The transaction fee rebate will be swapped to BNB and credited to your Spot Wallet;
Make sure you select tokens that are eligible for Swap Rewards before confirming the swap, or you can’t receive the BNB rebates.
2. Check the box next to [FILTER ALL TOKENS WITH REWARDS] and the system will only display tokens that are eligible for Swap Rewards. Choose the token you want to swap and enter the amount. (Make sure you confirm the token and the amount)

1659122709 301 Swap farming Crypto buy and sell made simple


The system will display the swap price and automatically calculate the slippage, fee, and estimated Swap Rewards in BNB. Click [SWAP] to proceed

1659122709 12 Swap farming Crypto buy and sell made simple

Meaning of some terms above:
Price: The estimated price of the swap. Please note that this is not the final price of the swap. You will see the final price after confirming the order.
Fee: The transaction fee collected by liquidity providers.
Slippage: The estimated percentage that the ultimate executed price of the swap deviates from the current price due to the trading amount.
Est. Fee Return: The estimated amount of Swap Rewards you will receive in BNB.
step 5.

You will see a confirmation after the swap is completed. You can click [VIEW SWAP HISTORY] to review the order, or click [BACK TO SWAP] to place another order.

1659122709 921 Swap farming Crypto buy and sell made simple

Whether you’re making an occasional one-off trade or are a regular swapper, 50% BNB rebates stack up quickly. They’re also Frequent trading competitions (happens roughly once a month) for high frequency traders.
Therefore reward yourself with Binance Swap Farming today so you can enjoy instant trading and high rewards. click here to register.


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