1659735138 This is How to Get 99x Profit in Crypto Before

This is How to Get 99x Profit in Crypto Before the Bull Market Trend!!

Lego Coin

As we know, now most cryptocurrencies are in a bearish condition where crypto prices tend to be cheaper than usual. For Lego Coin followers, you must have read our previous article. it has been discussed there, most professional investors are waiting for the right time before starting to invest again. So that when the price goes up later they don’t miss the precious moment.

This moment called the bottom line, is also used by New tokens and crypto coins to start entering the market, of which there will certainly be those with high potential like last year.

Imagine, if you buy The Sandbox ($SAND) when the price is still $0.18 and sell it at a price of $6.5, which means you can get multiples of money up to 35x. In addition, at the time Altura ($ALU) was initially priced at $0.004 and and sold at a price of 0.32 which went up 80x!!. Of course, many of these moments were correct in predicting, many were just fomo or lost a lot.

Therefore, before investing, it is very necessary to learn important points that will make it much easier for you to predict how far a coin or token can survive and thrive before the bullmarket trend.

1. Market Cap

The first factor to pay attention to is the market cap of the coin. Market capitalization is very important for choosing the coins you want to invest in. From here you can find out whether a coin has the potential to multiply many times over or not.

We should focus more on coins that have a market cap of under 20 million, as a 100x increase would give this coin a really realistic $2 billion market cap in a bull market.

Also make sure you look at Circulating Supply, which shows the number of coins circulating in the market. If a coin has an outstanding supply of 10%. means 90% of the number of coins are uncirculated which is a red flag, Try to find coins with at least 25% circulating supply

2. Community

“Having a strong community is the biggest asset you could have in the Cryptoverse “ — Crypto Hub

Before investing in any coin, you should look at how big the community is and how active its members are. You can check this by logging into the project’s Twitter account and seeing how many followers there are, or you can join a telegram group and see how the interactions are. It doesn’t have to be big all the time but pay attention to what people are talking about and how the crypto team is handling the existing situations and conditions. In a solid project, there are many moderators and admins in the Telegram group helping new investors with their questions.

3. Track Record

Having a track record is a bullish sign, as it shows that the team can operate efficiently and deliver results. The track record can be in the form of:

  • strategic partnerships with other blockchain brands
  • products that solve real-world problems
  • a team of experts in areas such as business, marketing, IT

Let’s look at a project with a market capitalization of $8000 million that is DOGE. Dogecoin was originally meant to be a joke — and it served, and will serve, this purpose very well. It soon became a means of tipping and encouraging others to go and achieve something: Jamaican bobsled teams, water wells in Kenya, Dogecoin cars, and many other crazy initiatives the community has supported over the years. As a tipping currency, thanks to its low fees and transaction speed compared to competing chains for most of its existence, Dogecoin has never stopped working for its intended use. Over the years, it became possible to use Dogecoin and spend it on online stores. Then Dogecoin is also commonly used in tipping charities. If this continues and is developed, it is very likely that the dog will experience the next bull market.

4. Team

This is an important factor to pay attention to, because the crypto project team can show whether the coin has potential or is attractive for investment. The optimal team should consist of people who have business, management, IT, and marketing backgrounds.

Look at what they have done, usually this can be seen from their social media. How many times do they post a day, how many social media are active, how many interactions occur, etc.

5. Utility or Value

Then the utility and value of a project whether it can solve the problems that exist in real life? crypto projects with many uses let alone special uses will be sought after by many people and investors.

With a high level of utility and value, a crypto project has a bright future.

Lego Coin is a social meme token, This Coin created in April 2022 aims to contribute to social movements and creativity around the world through your favorite toys (LEGO). Lego Coin also creates a community that can be useful and beneficial for others such as sharing stories, memes, and sharing knowledge in the creative industry. Lego Coin will also hold events and airdrops that you can take advantage of and enjoy in the near future.

The Lego team is working hard to introduce these Coins to expand the community and hope the Lego Community can make a big impact on people out there. We also hope that readers can understand what we want in the future and spread this news to your friends so that everyone can get benefit from it.

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