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Portify has always been a great vision. We have worked hard to continue working on the project and making it a great success. Last month we thought very hard and deep to see how we can continue it in these market conditions. In this blog post we will give you more information about our future. We have put together a rescue plan that will help us keep going in these tough times. We are confident that we can turn Portify into a great success.

The obstacle

Portify is a great project with a bright future. What we have developed until now is a good foundation to build a great project. However, there are some problems that must be solved. We were a small IDO with very limited funds for such a complex and big platform. It’s not sustainable to keep high quality development ongoing without any earning models for example taxes or subscriptions. Even though we have managed to get this far, in order to ensure the sustainability of the project we need to implement an earning model that can support the continuous development of the platform. Otherwise, all our efforts will have been in vain and the project will come to a standstill. This is the reason why the marketing side was always weaker compared to development because we had to make a choice between hype or a real product. We couldn’t choose both.

The solution and plan

We are excited to announce that we will be rebranding and relaunching our project under a new name, vision, and website. This is a new beginning for us, and we are committed to rebuilding a strong and vibrant community around our new brand. Our new name encapsulates our renewed commitment to sustainability, growth, and success. We have aligned our goals with those of our investors and backers, and we are confident that this new direction will take us to the next level. With this new beginning, we also can attract more funds and support. We believe that this is the best way forward for us, and we are committed to making our vision a reality.

What will happen to the $PFY token?

Portify is currently in the process of being relaunched in another token. All holders will be able to claim their new tokens through a claiming portal. To do this, Portify took a snapshot of all the holders (including stakers) on 03/10/2022. If you were holding Portify at that moment, you will be able to claim your new tokens. Everyone will get a 1:1 airdrop worth of the new token. The team is committed to providing the best possible experience and advantage for its holders, and the team is excited to continue growing and evolving with the community.

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We are aiming to release all the info about the new project this month. The new token claim will be available after the launch. We hope that everyone understands the reasons why we are doing this and is as positive to build something outstanding in this bear market to become one of the biggest in the upcoming bull market! Our team is working hard day and night to make sure that we meet our deadlines and exceed your expectations. So please bear with us for a little bit longer and stay tuned for more updates!

Thank you

We sincerely thank the community for all the support since the beginning. It’s been a crazy journey and because of you that we’ve been able to stick around and continue working hard on this project. We love doing this and we love seeing everyone work together to build something great. Even though the general sentiment of the community is not so good right now, we will make sure that everyone gets what they deserve as being a loyal investor of the project. We know that there are times when things get tough, but we never give up. Because we know that this community is worth it. Thank you again for everything. We couldn’t do this without you.

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