Token migration & rebrand AMA

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Hello Portify community! After the previous announcement, we have gotten a lot of questions about the token migration and the rebrand. In this article you will find all the frequently asked questions about the upcoming relaunch.

— What’s the name of the new token/platform?
All the information about the new project including the name, token and branding will be released this month.

— What will the project be about?
The project will still be a socialfi platform but with a refined vision and goals. We will focus on the crypto community and make a practical and fun platform where everyone can come together to discuss and trade cryptocurrencies.

— When will I be able to get my tokens?
A portal will be available after the launch where you can claim the new token on it.

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— I’m staking, can I still get the new token?
Yes, a snapshot has been taken of the staking pool alongside all holders. So even if you are still staking, you are eligible for the airdrop.

— Will my staking rewards count?
Yes, everything you have earned with staking, will also be airdropped to you on launch.

— I had $1000 worth of $PFY at the time of the snapshot, how much will I get with the new token?
The token swap will be 1/1 in dollar value. That means if you have $1000 worth of $PFY at the time of the snapshot, you will get $1000 worth of the new token.

— Can I sell or buy $PFY?
No, anyone who sold or bought $PFY after the snapshot will not be eligible for the airdrop.

— At what time was the snapshot taken?
The snapshot has been taken on the 3rd of October at 4PM CEST.

— Will you keep the name “Byte”?
No, we will have one name for the platform and the project. Byte will not be used anymore.

— What’s the supply & the mechanism of the new token?
All the information about supply and the mechanism of the token will be released soon.

— I have staked LP tokens; can I remove it from the pool, and will I get an airdrop too?
LP stakers have to DM Pokerface on telegram with proof of their LP staking transaction ID. In this way we can analyse how much tokens you are eligible for.

— What will happen to the NFTs?
NFT buyers will be refunded after the release. We will still do something with the NFTs ( for example a giveaway ). More information on that will be released after the launch.

With that, we hope that we have answered most of the questions and made it more clear on what is coming for Portify. For any other question, be free to share it with us on our official Telegram:

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