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Great things come in small packages. Yesterday was a milestone for Omnisea — we successfully conducted the Public Sale via our dApp and we listed OSEA on PancakeSwap (BNB Chain). Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay up with the prior plan due to a lack of liquidity (for now). We know some of you might feel a little out of place — but do not worry — Omnisea is here to stay and advance.

We are a diverse community and we take into consideration, that some of you are here to trade OSEA daily/weekly — and we really appreciate that — but we need to stress this out — today is the second day of OSEA trading, and a lot more will come — just give it a little time. From the beginning, we’ve declared that we will not organize a private sale before trying first to fund our project with the community effort— our goal was to build a project (with the community around it) without any external financing. Today — we can say that it worked — maybe with low liquidity, but OSEA is trading on a decentralized exchange and we’re almost ready to launch on the Mainnet.

Our next step is to increase liquidity on PancakeSwap, and list OSEA on Uniswap (Ethereum), Quickswap (Polygon), and TraderJoe (Avalanche). Moreover, in the future, we intend to list OSEA on CEXs. We want to provide OSEA with the best possible trading conditions as soon as possible. Also, it needs to be underlined — we as a team do not have special intentions to hype OSEA — we are here to build Omnichain infrastructure, and change NFTs forever.

Liquidity providers

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Our backbone for now. Every project that is built from the bottom to the top is subject to low liquidity. Taking into consideration the market sentiment and the fact we launched a public sale on our own website we second-guessed limited liquidity supply. That’s just the journey we want to follow to be somehow independent.

However, we want to speed things up and do not want to miss any chances (with the market), which is why we would like to encourage you to become a Liquidity Provider. For now only on PancakeSwap(we will inform you about the new listings) with a BUSD/OSEA pair. Apart from Liquidity Provider’s earnings from trading fees on PancakeSwap, we will prepare LPs’ retroactive rewards and the additional Program to boost BUSD/OSEA liquidity pool.

The latter solution is to find external financing. After Public Sale and Airdrop — OSEA will be distributed across the community and it will give us a better environment to search for external financing — more information to be announced soon.

Coingecko is alive

We are happy to announce that just after one day Omnisea was approved by Coingecko and can be officially found on their website —

CoinMarketCap registration(505323) is still being processed.

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