Total Reward $15000 DCRN, Current APY Hitting 1800%

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DCRN community is growing day by day. We saw increasing engagement of the community members, and more newcomers are eager to learn about our protocol. The DCRN team appreciate the support from everyone. Again to celebrate our recent list on, we are holding the first community PoS Staking Contest.

Date: 21st July — 31st July

Prize Pool: $15000 DCRN

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Minimum Ticket Purchase for Entry: 2 Tickets

Event 1: Staking Ranking Competition


Each user having staked in PoS pool will be ranked according the user’s staking proportion out of the total value staked in the pool.

Top 10 partipants ranked by staking proportion will be rewarded prizes indicated below:

Event 2: $5000 DCRN Prize Pool Share


For all users who have participated in the PoS staking during the event period, they will be eligible to receive a prize share in the $6000 DCRN prize pool after having purchased the minimum ticket amount for entry(2 tickets).

Prize = AMT of Ticket Purchased / (Total AMT of Ticket Collected wtihin the Event Period) x ($6000 DCRN)


Event 3: PoS Retweet Contest


  1. Tweet about your ‘PoS staking’ with a screenshot
  2. Tag DCRN Official Twitter Account
  3. Tag 3 Friends

At the end of the event, top 3 participants with the most retweets will be rewarded $100 DCRN each.

Other participants will receive equally-split rewards from the $600 DCRN prize pool.

The DCRN price for prize distribution will be captured on August 1st 0AM UTC on

Winners list will be announced 7 workdays after the competition.

Total Reward 15000 DCRN Current APY Hitting 1800

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