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Voyager Digital stock VYGVF VOYG is crashing today as they reveal their exposure to Three Arrows Capital 3AC and new term agreement with Alameda Research. Link to the full press release:

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  1. Wow… Crypto broker Voyager Digital Ltd has lowered its daily withdrawal limits to $10,000 from $25,000, according to an update on the company's website.

  2. So their market cap is 100m and they lost 650m with 1 single client?

  3. you mean 15 000 btc not $15,000.

  4. 4:40 15000 Bitcoins, so many $ 😊

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  6. Ignore the haters… keep pumping trash stocks for YouTube money.

  7. Most likely short-term outcome is a bank-run. Realized that my total investment will go to zero

  8. I tried to warn people like you before that Voyager was a overvalued scam stock

  9. reuuuuu

  10. I'm a VYGVF and VGX holder. I just don't understand how their balance sheet shows a 16% crypto loan to 3AC and the dollar amount is so significant compared to assets on hand. I like Steve Ehrlich but I think this was a terribly risky exposure of customer assets to lend out.
    The one thing that I can say at this point is anyone who has held onto shares to this point might as well ride it out. They'll either recover assets/capital to make this right or Voyager will end up being an acquisition opportunity for some other market player, most likely FTX.

  11. Btw your talking sound so unemotional and artifical like a text reading bot…:/

  12. Brilliant analysis of the different things to watch for on the different time frames. Good to see everyone feels the same way when they lose money, everyone thinks they could do this or that with that money which is as good as gone

  13. Jeremy’s Yellow Tesla

    I’m still long voyager. Buy the dip step sis!

  14. Voyager is a terrible stock.

  15. How much of your portfolio is in Voyager??? Thanks

  16. Are you still diamond hand given the current crash in everything??? Thanks

  17. How much are you invested in this company??? Thanks

  18. Get a job 🤮

  19. Diamonds: They shatter when struck hard.

    Have fun staying poor. Idiots.