We are Listed in pancakeswap, what is the next step?

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Transparency is the most important

The ICO did not reach 100% and that is easy to understand, by the date of this article the fall of cryptocurrencies has caught everyone by surprise.

This situation has affected us but it does not stop the project. You have to remember that Anarky is a video game company, a company whose main goal is to build a community. We believe that the best business model is the network economy, the more people use your platform, the better your chance to be successful with it.

The first step now is to set the initial price of the token. That’s why we start by listing the token in pancake swap. This is a common process in the blockchain also known as seed.

The next step is to organize a second round of financing(Presale) to be able to list the rest of the liquidity and increase the value of the token.

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The Anarky token

If you have ever read our whitepapers, you will notice that our growth strategy is focused on the sale of NFTs and special sponsorships on our platform.

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Anarky World Revenue Model :

Special use of virtual spaces: Our museums have a lot of free space, this is intentional. Our plan is to use spaces like this, to place special advertising spots where artists can sponsor their collections in other users’ museums. As in a real museum, an advertising spot will be placed in strategic sites and the rental of these spaces will vary in cost according to the number of active users on the platform and the popularity of the artist in whose museum the advertising spot is being placed.

Primary Sales: All our games have a unique collection in OpenSea, to play, every user can buy assets from the collection that corresponds to the chosen game.

Secondary Sales (trading fees): Anarky World takes a 10% fee from all secondary transactions of NFTs.

Microtransactions: The customization of the museums is completely free. But we will offer some special premium materials that must be purchased directly from the museum.

Special sponsorships: users may request to receive sponsorship on our networks and platform for a specific collection for an amount agreed between the parties.

So why do you need a token?

The Anarky Token is a means to an end, a tool, it is designed to be the reward for our players and the means by which a player becomes an official member of our platform.

Knowing that you can earn tokens for playing is attractive to many players, which contributes to the entry of new users to the platform. With new users talking about Anarky others will want to join and so the network economy grows.

Our business model only makes sense if there are many users on the platform, which is why it is so important to attract users through rewards.

Progressive Liquidity

In order to keep an attractive reward for our players in Anarky we decided to break the rules(like an anarkist) and do things differently. Commonly a project adds all the liquidity in a single movement, after that it remains in the hands of the market.

That is why many coins fall immediately as soon as they come out. the whales and others who bought just sell as much as they can and leave the token destroyed.

To avoid the abrupt drop in price, we decided to add liquidity by taking baby steps. At the beginning placing the liquidity that is needed for an initial number of users and establishing an initial price, it is no longer about investors but about players rewards.

This makes Anarky unattractive to whales, spending large sums of money on Anarky Tokens ANR is impossible until all liquidity is added to the pool after the presale.

In this way if the price of the token starts to drop, we simply add more cryptos to the pool and if it rises too fast we add more liquidity.

In a certain way we will be able to control the price of the token to make it grow or at least maintain its value while the market stabilizes.

Lock of LP tokens or liquidity

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Blocking liquidity for 1 year or 2 is not a guarantee of anything. That is why as liquidity is added to the pool we will do a burn of the LP tokens.

We will not keep any of the liquidity.

Your collaboration

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As a player you will be the main beneficiary of our token, if you play you will earn tokens, that is, you will not have to buy them. This generates an imbalance in the pool where users collecting their prize could end the price of the token.

To avoid this, in anarky we have different mechanisms:

Liquidity Reserve: even after placing all the liquidity, we will keep 17% of the money collected after the pre-sale as a liquidity reserve. If you look at the distribution of tokens in our whitepapers, you will notice that the liquidity reserve is equal to the allocated amount of tokens for rewards.

We believe that in this way we will be able to compensate for any abrupt exit of money from the pool, protecting the price of the token.

1655675763 856 We are Listed in pancakeswap what is the next step

Your collaboration as a member: With the current price of the token you can become an anarky member just by buying the small sum of $0.3 in Anarky Tokens. That’s right, with only 30 cents at the current price ($0.001) you will get 300ANR and you will be able to access our special benefits for holders.

Those who are not holders will have a very limited amount of token that they can earn per day, you as a member will have already done your bit to contribute to the pool and to increase the price of the token.

Vesting in the delivery of rewards to players: At anarky we carry out a vesting process for the delivery of rewards.

First we do a review and make sure that the reward was legitimately earned.

Then we see the flow of tokens to the pool and based on this we decide whether to deliver the tokens immediately or to lock the tokens until the flow of tokens to the pool reduces a bit.

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