Weekly Highlights from Robi | May 30 — June 5

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Weekly Highlights from Robi | May 30 — June 5

The last week of lucrative spring and the first week of profitable summer at the same time!

These 7 days were so plentiful!
Here is a report of the most spectacular events:

​​Great SUMMER Burn on Biswap | 3 943 719 BSW (~ $2 371 626) Burned!

Weekly Highlights from Robi May 30 — June 5

Hot summer is already here!
Put on your sunscreen if you don’t want to get burned!

The 27th Token Burn of 3 943 719 BSW tokens (~ $2 371 626) included:

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💥 2 903 250 BSW from Trading Fees
💥 263 458 BSW from Accounts with no Referrers
💥 61 746 BSW from Auto compound performance fee
💥 133 405 BSW from Holder Pool fee
💥 43 356 BSW from Biswap Lottery purchased tickets
💥 119 474 BSW from Biswap IDO revenue
💥 26 990 BSW from NFT Marketplace fees
💥 29 872 BSW from BRE NFT Royalty fees
💥 1 539 BSW from Bus NFT Royalty fee
💥 8 837 BSW from Player NFT Royalty fee
💥 351 792 BSW from game contract, player & bus mint revenue

All the burned BSW tokens are 100% transparent and recorded as transactions on the BNB Chain:👇

🏴‍☠️Sending BSW tokens to the “dead address”

Head to Biswap Docs for more info:

Biswap begins summer with a shiny BSW Burn!

BSW Locked Staking on Binance ​​| Up to 107.59% APY Limited Offer!

1654417197 64 Weekly Highlights from Robi May 30 — June 5

Binance Staking has presented its exclusive BSW Locked Staking offer to celebrate Biswap 1st anniversary!🎉

📆 Start: May 30 (01:00 PM UTC)
📆 End: June 9 (12:59 PM UTC)
🏆 Total Pool: $407 000 in BSW
📍Where: https://www.binance.com/en/staking

Activity 1: Deposit & Stake BSW to Enjoy Up to 107.59% APY

✔ Locked Staking Format: First-come, first-served basis
✔ Interest Payout Time: Daily

Activity 2: New Locked Staking Users to Share 65 000 BSW in Rewards!
The first 6 000 users to qualify for rewards:

✔ Participate in Locked Staking for the first time
✔ Subscribe to BSW Locked Staking products

More details here:

Hold, trade, earn & celebrate with BSW on Binance!

Learn & Earn BSW on Binance | New Round for New Users!

1654417198 958 Weekly Highlights from Robi May 30 — June 5

We keep celebrating Biswap Anniversary!🎉
A part of the grand celebration is BSW Learn&Earn on Binance!

💰New KYC users can earn BSW rewards!
Answer a few questions about the potent token:

1️⃣ Read the article
2️⃣ Watch the video
3️⃣ Complete a quiz

Enter HERE:

Join Biswap B-day by earning BSW on Binance!

​​Marketplace V2.0 is Released! | Explore the New Changes & Updates!

1654417200 461 Weekly Highlights from Robi May 30 — June 5

Biswap is excited to introduce NFT Marketplace V2.0!
Your NFT adventures are about to get better!
⚜️ marketplace.biswap.org ⚜️

What’s new in the Biswap NFT Marketplace V2.0?

🛍 Updated UI/UX Marketplace Page
🛍 Separate Page for Each NFT Collection
🛍 Separate Analytics Page for TOP Collections
🛍 New Page with TOP Sales
🛍 Filters for Collections
🛍 Updated Main Page
🛍 Filter for Auctions

For more information, read the article:

💸Treat yourself to some NFT shopping!
Biswap Marketplace improves for you!

Biswap x Ultiverse Alliance! | MetaFi Strategic Collaboration!

1654417202 845 Weekly Highlights from Robi May 30 — June 5

WOW! New integration & Biswap partner!

🎮Ultiverse– AAA gaming metaverse, and a mix of Web3 with immersive VR-compatible virtual world.

The project raised $9.5 million from global investors: Sequoia, Binance Labs, DeFiance Capital, & Three Arrows Capital.

Biswap DEX will be the first DeFi Bank in Terminus city:
🌃Terminus — virtual metaverse Ultiverse platform built on BNB Chain.

Meet Biswap integration SOON & enjoy:

💵 0.1% the lowest exchange fee
💵 Easy liquidity provision
💵 Top APYs on Farms

Find Biswap in the Ultiverse world:

🤖Electric Sheep PFP NFT:
Want to get unique 3D avatar NFT & crypto privileges?
Stay tuned for Biswap news about the whitelisting!

Explore more about exciting collaboration:

Dive into the new universe with Biswap & earn!

Biswap Birthday Stickers | Celebrate with Robi on Telegram!

1654417206 714 Weekly Highlights from Robi May 30 — June 5

So emotional & festive!
New stickers added to Biswap Sticker Pack:

🎂 Robi with a cake
🎁 Robi opens a gift
🎉 Robi with a confetti popper
🪅 Robi smashes the Piñata

Let’s celebrate at Biswap TG chat:

Make Biswap Birthday bright!
Feel free to express your emotions via new stickers!

​​Biswap Ecosystem Update! | Partnership`s Extension in DeFi!

1654417209 381 Weekly Highlights from Robi May 30 — June 5

Biswap provides you with the best offers.
Meet new partnerships with great potential!

Recent collaborations:
💫 Alpaca Finance
💫 Ripae Finance
💫 KuCoin
💫 Exobots
💫 AgeOfGods

Explore more about new partners and BSW listings on CEXs:

Expand the scale of opportunities with Biswap!

​​Share $10 000 in NFTs! | Biswap x AgeOfGods Legend Event!

1654417209 211 Weekly Highlights from Robi May 30 — June 5

Hey, Biswappers!
You have a chance to claim a lavish NFT!

🏆 Total Pool: $10 000 in NFTs (100 NFTs)
📆 Start: May 31 (12:30 PM UTC)
📆 End: June 7 (12:30 PM UTC)

Activity 1: Learn & Earn Campaign | $7 500 in NFTs!
Winners: 75 users
🤩First 25 users who meet all the requirements.
🤩Other 50 random users who meet all the requirements.

Activity 2: Age of Retweets Giveaway | $2 500 in NFTs!
🤩Winners: 25 users

More details:

❗Winners will be announced by June 10.
❗️Once the winners are announced, the Biswap Community will have 3 days for complaints.
❗Rewards will be distributed after the complaints period is over.

Hurry to claim your precious NFT!

​​New BNB-USDC Farm! | 3X Leveraged Pair on Alpaca!

1654417212 763 Weekly Highlights from Robi May 30 — June 5

Biswap x Alpaca never cease to surprise!
New gainful pair at your disposal:

☘️ 77.12% APY for BNB-USDC
3X max. Leverage (double-sided borrowing)

📍Get bonus ALPACA for leveraged yield farming in Biswap pools!

Upgrade your earnings via leveraged farming!

Glorious AOG — BUSD Farm! | Harvest with 0.2X Multiplier!

1654417214 459 Weekly Highlights from Robi May 30 — June 5

Hurry to take advantage of Biswap Farms!

Catch a super offer for AOG — BUSD:

💰329.80% APY
💰0.2X Multiplier


Add Liquidity to have these opportunities:

💸 Swap TOP tokens
💸 Receive LPs to enable Farms
💸 Get 50% as a Liquidity Provider
💸 Earn BSW from high APYs


Raise your income with a high APY & mighty multiplier!

Hot​ ETH-BNB Farm! | APY Boost Sets Profit Fire!

1654417217 485 Weekly Highlights from Robi May 30 — June 5

Earn with APY Boost to get maximum output!
A lucrative offer is waiting for you:


🌕 8.20% APY for ETH-BNB

Provide liquidity & get:

💸Robust BSW tokens
💸50% of the trading fee
💸High APYs on Biswap Farms


Farm now & earn WOW!

​​HOT Summer APYs on Farms! | TOP Pairs Multiply Your Assets!

1654417220 538 Weekly Highlights from Robi May 30 — June 5

High APYs’ waves on Farms!
Hurry to ride the profit:


Meet extremely lucrative pairs:

🌴 20.25% APY for BNB — USDT
🌴 3.49% APY for BUSD — USDT
🌴 8.92% APY for BTCB — USDT
🌴 13.87% APY for ETH — USDT

Earn passive and massive income on Biswap!

​​Space Agents Relaunch! | New Spacewalk Topics for June!

1654417223 588 Weekly Highlights from Robi May 30 — June 5

The summer is here with the renewed Monthly Spacewalk Program!

Make Biswap more popular & gain BSW rewards:

⏰ Dates: June 1 — July 1 (02:00 PM UTC)
💵 Pool: $10 000 in BSW
👨‍🚀 Winners: 10 Agents


Create content related to one of the topics below:

– Biswap review. Benefits and profitable features
– Fixed Staking. Unique Opportunity for Biswap Users
– Special chance for bloggers. Space Agents Program
– Passive income from Biswap. All income possibilities for users

🚀NFT Direction
– Marketplace review. All Marketplace updates.

🌟100 BSW Reward for Exclusive Topic
– Space Agents Program. Special chance for bloggers

📍Fill out the Participation Form to join
📍Share the content via the Submission Form

Find & meet all the requirements:

Make a new portion of Biswap promotion & win BSW!

Trading Competition Report! | 50K BSW for Intergalactic Winners!

1654417225 382 Weekly Highlights from Robi May 30 — June 5

The B-day competition has finished!
Mighty trading power brought precious rewards:

💰Total prize pool: 50 000 BSW
🤩Winners: 1 000 users

Thanks to everyone who participated!
👨‍💻21 000+ users joined the competition.

Welcome intergalactic winners who won BSW:

Trading on Biswap it’s always a good idea!

​​Biswap & Friends Winners! | $14 000 in BSW & 7 Tokens Gifts!

1654417227 544 Weekly Highlights from Robi May 30 — June 5

Gift’s tsunami covered us!
The lucky ones rode the wave:

💰 Total Prize pool: $14 000
🤴 Total Winners: 700
👨‍💻68 982 users took part in the event!

Thank you for the activity!
Meet the happy winners:

Keep the activity up & earn crypto vastly with Biswap partners!

Biswap is TOP 2 Project! | On BNB Chain by 7D Volume!

1654417229 424 Weekly Highlights from Robi May 30 — June 5

Biswap shines bright like a diamond!
The TOP 2 project on the BNB Chain:

💎$389.22K volume last 7 days

Check out the official tweet:

🤗Thank you activity and support!
You inspire us to reach higher!

💵Trade & Earn on Biswap!

49th Sharing Season Report!​​ | $1 060 in BSW for Champions!

1654417229 387 Weekly Highlights from Robi May 30 — June 5

49th Sharing Season was bright!
11 697 total participants

6 039 #biswap_earn tweets
5 658 #biswap_exchange tweets


More details in Biswap docs:

Thanks for being active!
Are you ready for a lucrative summer with Biswap!
😉New hot events are around the corner.

Follow the Biswap Social Media:

🔥Website | Telegram Channel |Telegram Channel in Russian
Telegram Chat | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | Medium
Zendesk | Squid NFT World Chat

Join Local Biswap Communities:
🌐 Indonesian-Speaking TG Chat
🌐 Vietnamese Speaking TG Chat
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🌐 Portuguese-Speaking TG Chat
🌐 German-Speaking TG Chat
🌐 Chinese-Speaking TG Chat
🌐 Turkish-Speaking TG Chat
🌐 Spanish-Speaking TG Chat

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