What is Chain Legion?

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The NFT RPG experience


Chain Le­gion is an RPG pro­ject on the BNBChain which aims to pro­vide an im­mer­sive role‐play­ing ex­pe­ri­ence through the use of NFTs.

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Two example Legionnaires

The Legionnaires

Chain Le­gion fea­tures a lim­ited set of 7777 mintable NFTs which rep­re­sent playable in‐game char­ac­ters. Every le­gion­naire comes into ex­is­tence as a level 1 char­ac­ter, with a clean slate of at­tribute points and a base amount of un­al­lo­cated points. These points can be dis­trib­uted by the player to cre­ate a starter build.
Each at­tribute di­rectly cor­re­lates to a cer­tain qual­ity of a le­gion­naire. There are no rules to point dis­tri­b­u­tion. Play­ers can max out a sin­gle cat­e­gory, or cre­ate a bal­anced build, de­pend­ing on what kind of a char­ac­ter they want to play as. Our game will feature PvE as well as PvP modes and quests!


Lore rep­re­sents one of the main pil­lars upon which Chain Le­gion has been built. The team will es­tab­lish a base sto­ry­line which will serve as a core story for the uni­verse. This base will be col­lo­qui­ally re­ferred to as the initial lore. Every story ad­di­tion which is in­tro­duced down the road will have di­rect ties to the ini­tial lore.
Story pro­pos­als will be open at all times, and any­one with a pas­sion for writ­ing or cre­at­ing in‐depth geopo­lit­i­cal or his­tor­i­cal events will be able to pro­pose official ad­di­tions to the Chain Le­gion canon uni­verse.

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Chain Le­gion is bring­ing its unique vi­sion to the BNBChain. Packed with a vi­brant, ex­pand­ing, story‐dri­ven uni­verse and an en­gag­ing RPG ex­pe­ri­ence. The roadmap is rich with fea­tures which will be re­vealed in the near fu­ture. Our goal is to bring util­ity and real value to the Binance NFT space, and al­low our play­ers to ex­plore the depths of the Chain Le­gion meta­verse.

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