Whirl Finance goes version 2.0

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A multi-coin wallet where its native token have cool and best reward system — with auto distribution of rewards directly to wallet just by holding it. At this time, whirl version 2 will run on polygon chain.

Whirl Finance goes version 2.0

A multi-coin wallet where its native token have cool and best reward system — with auto distribution of rewards directly to wallet just by holding it. At this time, whirl version 2 will run on polygon chain.

Revival Plan

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Preliminary Assessment

Around 300M whirl left in total circulation including liquidity pools, lost whirl in smart contracts, burned whirl, lost whirl in Farm pools. We came to a judgment that there is less than 400M whirl which is “active” in the entire ecosystem.

Scarcity of supply really helps, since more than 60 bnb left in the pool and we dont have access to that. But whirl has lost some assets in farm pools and the burns per transaction will not be as effective without reward system, it is the liquid of its entire ecosystem, the money cannot circulate “whirl” if no reward system.

Now we are constructing revival plan.

Revival Plan
— We suggest everyone to buy and hold whirl as we are fixing its website, updating informations in Coingecko and Coinmarket cap, and whirl wallet.

A question from Telegram ID: @Conorabban

Question….. Why is it always “we are creating a new coin” not “let’s fix the original one” . Been here from the beginning watched my money damn near 10x then go practically to zero.

Team Answer: Actually we are fixing it, here are the problems of old whirl.

1/ Liquidity pool is locked forever, we cant get the bnb to create a new pool.

2/ Farm site is down and old dev is gone, he holds the keys of it, so whirl staked there are lost.

3/ Reward system is destroyed, because farm pools are gone and the last one we are constructing was failed, it was a new farm pool and dev gone away with the money we paid.

4/ Burn rate of whirl is not essential anymore because no reward system.

5/ Waste whirl still counted as total supply and it will cause fud.

6/ We cant create new pool using old whirl.

Counter measures:

1/ We issue new token, old investors who lost their whirl will be compensated with new one, discussions on table is 1:1 (per $) for those who tokenswapped, and 2 old whirl :1 whirl v2 (per $) for lost whirls in farm.

2/ We will lock the liquidity pool by 1 year, so if anything goes wrong to the pool, we can reconstruct it.

3/ We will conduct tokensale, to ensure proper liquidity and proper pairing of pools.

4/ New token issued will be the best token Whirl Finance ever had — The token itself will reward its owner just by holding it to wallet.

5/ We are on discussions about being doxxed because Whirl Finance is A multi-coin wallet where its native token have cool and best reward system — with auto distribution of rewards directly to wallet just by holding it.

6/ If we are being doxxed, we need to have physical products or at least marketplace of it, so papers will run through easily.

7/ Whirl finance version 2.0 will run on Polygon chain where new opportunities awaits, fast and low fees transactions like BSC, it has its swap exchange like Uniswap/Pancakeswap.

8/ We migrate to Polygon chain for also another reason, we will have a feature of NFT, where all Whirl v2 holders can mint their own NFT that can be sell in some NFT marketplace, whirl v2 will serve as utility token.

Compensation to old whirl holders

Next is to address issues from old holders as well as investors who lost their assets in farm pools.

Investors who lost their whirl ln farm pools must apply and submit informations to us through filling our forms.

Old investors who are holding whirl, including investors who lost their whirl in farm pools (kindcow farm, vegan and whirl flash x pool) we gonna swap it to the new token Whirl v2.

Tokenswap will happen in June 15, kindly follow rules and tasks from admins to make sure youll get your new v2 tokens.

Whirl Finance goes version 2 and will run in Polygon Chain


Old whirl can be swap to new whirl v2 tokens at a ratio of 1$ old whirl to 1$ new whirl v2 tokens.

While for those who lost their whirls in farm pools will be compensated too, the ratio will be 2$ old whirl to 1$ new whirl v2. I know price is not the same than price when you bought, but its the plan we know to compensate old whirl holders to join us in whirl version 2.

Lastly, Old whirl holders and farmers who are affected by crash and join tokenswap, will automatically be whitelisted to our NFT minting. Whirl Finance version 2 has over 2,500+ minted NFT’s already and will be ready to auction in couple of days.

NFT in Whirl Finance version 2

NFTs are individual tokens with valuable information stored in them. Because they hold a value primarily set by the market and demand, they can be bought and sold just like other physical types of art. NFTs’ unique data makes it easy to verify and validate their ownership and the transfer of tokens between owners.

Non-fungible tokens can digitally represent any asset, including online-only assets like digital artwork and real assets such as real estate.

Is NFT worth the money in Whirl Finance v2?

An NFT has value because the buyer and their community believe it has value — which is true for all art and collectibles. And as time goes by, an NFT gains more of its own character, based on factors like who’s owned it and how they’ve used it.

It will show the strength of the project as well as to introduce its native token — with the best reward system.

Price per NFT’s can be higher anytime — there is a correlation of NFT’s to Whirl v2 tokens.

The more you hold the whirl v2 tokens in your wallet, it will grow overtime. Example: Your initial tokens amounting 10,000, as time passes, it will grow automatically in wallet with no rebase — best to save data (amount of tokens), final output is not yet determined, it can increase up to 20,000 or even more.

Just like the concept of Whirl NFT’s, buyers and sellers can set high price since its native token have auto distribution in rewards, price grows overtime.

Its like a competition, if you hold whirl v2 tokens for long, amount of tokens will increase as well as its price, the same will apply to our NFT’s too. Over 2,500+ NFT’s already minted, grab your spots.

Whirl Finance version 2 Summary

Whirl v2 characteristics

  • Reward system / Auto distribution / Earn instantly
  • Whirl wallet upgrade
  • NFT minting / Crafting / Buy and sell
  • Utility token

Revival of Whirl in some exchangers

Currently, old whirl is actively trading in Pancakeswap v1 (not v2), Bakeryswap and some Dexes and Probit exchange. We submit an application to support us in our upcoming tokenswap, reply may happen soon, but still we have high hopes they will accept it.

Once our preparations are finalized, we will update every informations especially in Bscscan to Polygon, new issue of token, and website.

We will do a quick tokensale so informations in Coinmarket Cap and Coingecko will be updated, and trading back to Probit exchange will resume.

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