XRP Ripple BREAKING news today SEC WEAK Support for Atty Client

XRP Ripple BREAKING news today 🚨 SEC WEAK Support for Atty-Client Claims for Hinman Emails

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XRP Ripple BREAKING news today (5/18) 🚨 SEC WEAK Support for Atty-Client Claims for Hinman Emails

XRP Ripple news today:
► SEC WEAK Support for Atty-Client Claims for Hinman Emails



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SEC Commissioner Hearing tomorrow

LIVE STREAM LINK 0700 PACIFIC: SEC Commissioner Nomination Hearing PLUS Michael Barr (Ripple ties)

Filan Law: The SEC has filed its reply in support of its April 29, 2022 letter claiming that the attorney-client privilege protects internal SEC documents relating to Hinman’s speech.

00:00 Intro
00:50 Crypto Market Update
01:19 SEC Commissioner Hearing tomorrow
02:12 SEC reply in support of attorney-client privilege
05:49 Hinman communicated w/SEC staff to obtain their legal advice
09:47 Hinman and SEC staff were acting in their official capacities
15:59 Disclosure would reveal SEC confidences
17:12 SEC has standing to assert the attorney-client privilege
18:46 SEC Conclusion
19:11 Closing thoughts


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  1. Frank Chou - Finance

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  2. Here’s the absurdity game the SEC is playing. They claim the ETH free pass speech was Hinmans personal opinion. Yet claim he gathered or received SEC attorney advice and his speech memo was known and commented on by SEC staff. So, because the SEC saw these intended speech draft and never told him he could not make certain claims then obviously it was indeed the SEC position over what he said. Because they were fully aware what he was about to claim.
    That’s why he used “WE” several times.

    So since it truly was SEC guidance and it Hinmans personal opinion that’s why they are trying to use client privilege assertions. The fact they were aware of his draft speech shows they were ok with what was going to be stated and makes it no longer his personal option. Now if they had not commented and he didn’t receive advice then sure that would be his personal opinion but that’s not what happened.

    You can’t have it both ways

  3. SEC were told by the Judge that is was Hindman personal opinion and SEC agreed it was an Hindman's opinion. Yes super weak leading the Judge. Not supported by fact. Fact Hindman stated in Court that it was his opinion.

  4. SEC Perjuring Hindman speech. SEC lied about it. Perjuring is criminal in every state of the USA. Judges of NewYork.

  5. <I think the bitcoin price in a sane world would be pumping hardcore when high inflation numbers come. I think it's already massively undervalued. I think anyone selling their bitcoin as if it's was a tech stock have no idea what they are holding in the first place! I think long term hodlers are not going to sell a single satoshi! I think the fundamentals are stronger than ever before. I think we are seeing a record amount of bitcoin being taken off exchanges leaving a record low liquidity! I think if the bears push the price lower I'll be stacking more and, I think the bears are dumb as stumps! Big Thanks to Eric John Clark for helping me gain over 11BTC with his method lately..

  6. SEC attorneys are trained in doublespeak tactics.

  7. ImagineINMontana

    So Hinman used SEC email and staff (lawyers) as a legal client and not as a director?
    What did he pay 62 lawyers for their service?

  8. Okay…so we are back to it could be considered “guidance.” Where the policies and standards used to determine if it’s a security or not-the same damn question/clarification/regulation that EVERY other company wants, and ALL should be entitled to. So…round and round we go. 🙄 Judge is going to LOVE this. Her ruling is going to be BEAUTIFUL.

  9. My opinion is…
    The 'sec' (lower case intentionally) is filing such bs motions ONLY because the courts are entertaining them.
    Judges have shown time and again that they will bend for the sec, so as long as they can raise a semblance of an argument. The US judicial system is not credible, and the sec has no respect for itself.

  10. Soo it was his opinion when he delivered but SEC whendrafted.Huh,did he run it through ethics cs and legal dept

  11. I started puking because my body can't handle that much stupid all at once ♡

  12. what a load of CRAP! im absolutly amazed how anything the sec submit's could be taken serious by the court. when will the judge scream FOUL. the court is supposed to support the idea of being innocent until proveen guilty. Lets see it SEC, or quit wasting everyone time and resources on a witch hunt that doesn't exist. this is a perfect example of why every person in the us should be looking for another place to go. the institutions are all corrupt only seeing their own preservation paid for by honest working people. what a discrase. !!!

  13. Cryptographer Chris

    Thanks for the updates.

  14. 🚀🚀🚀

  15. Sec = weak sauce

  16. Dan Rossborough

    So let me get this straight this is all the SEC had after waiting till the 11th hour to file it! I can just see them sitting around going over every word to try to make it sound like it actually meant something. But from what this is saying him in speech was the sec's opinion on whether ether was a security. Whoever ginsler keeps saying they made no determination. Or did hin men deviate from what the SEC thought that maybe either was a security and he changed it for his own personal gain?

  17. Hi all. Thanks Frank.
    Your always on top of the filings, thank you.
    Enjoy the ride.

  18. DaQuelle Jones

    A bunch of malarkey!!! SEC sucks booooooo!!!! Get off the stage!!!

  19. Thanks Frank, of course Netburn will deny the SEC Attorney client privilege and they will again delay further by appealing to Torres for final ruling. If I’m correct, I wish the Jude quickly rules either way to move this along and not allow SEC to continue to delay

  20. adolph gracius

    So…. doesn’t that means that the comments made by hester pierce and commissioner roysman about the sec's lack of rules official sec decree too????? if im ripple, I'm recording all these comebts and rounding up everybody to testify under oath while playing the tapes

  21. The SEC is f****g bottom of the dumpster garbage!

  22. laurell missick

    These SEC lawyers seems to know how to duck bullets ….lol 🤣 …i am surprised they was able write such a lengthy response of jibber jabber …lol

  23. When does Letterkenny’s hockey coach just show up kicking garbage cans and screaming, “It’s f*cking embarrassing!” with regard to whatever the SEC is doing.