XRP Ripple news today SEC Commissioner Out Pelosi Pal

XRP Ripple news today 😱 SEC Commissioner Out – Pelosi Pal to Replace 🤣 U.today Thinks Parody is Real

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XRP Ripple BREAKING news today (7/16) 😱 SEC Commissioner Out – Pelosi Pal to Replace 🤣 U.today Thinks Parody is Real

XRP Ripple news today:
😱 SEC Commissioner Out – Pelosi Pal to Replace
🤣 U.today Thinks Parody is Real



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SEC Commissioner Allison Herren Lee steps down

SEC Statement on Lee Departure

Pelosi Statement

U.today Mistakes Parody for Reality

Crypto Town Crier (PARODY): Jed McCaleb Decides to Not Sell his Last 5 Million XRP “Just in Case it Moons”

Jed Balance

00:00 Intro
00:48 Crypto Market Update
01:23 SEC Commissioner Lee Out
02:53 Pelosi Pal to Replace Lee as SEC Commissioner
04:54 U.today Thinks Parody is Real
07:13 Jed back on Track, Down to 1M XRP
08:00 Closing thoughts


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  1. The Jed story, the number of XRP Youtubers who've read the story as real, its embarrassing.

    After Jed has sold 8.95 billion XRP, do they honestly believe he needs to save 5 million to help make him rich a his family more secure? FML, believing that and posting it on your own YouTube channel, obviously not yourself Frank, dammit they're thick.

  2. Nancy Pelosi's pal in the SEC? This spells trouble for all of Crypto.

  3. I'd be more worried about Nancy's old, worn out, propped up, saggy, under and overused bosoms than I would her pic at the Sick = [S-E-sayyyy]. Justice is Truth and ultimately the Chief Justice will have the say, mean spite and corruption will shrivel away.

    Frankly, I thank you for your solid reporting, keep up the good work!

  4. In case these people didn’t know already, Jed McCaleb is worth $2.1 billion. He doesn’t need XRP to be rich. Just saying…

  5. It's not whoever's in power at the time it's the rich Democrats and republicans are all Bought and paid for

  6. It's not bad for Gary it's bad for us. the good eggs leave, you can keep filling the pit with snakes.

  7. Jed buy back after the lawsuit thats plan b

  8. Xrp needs 500 billion to pump

  9. Straight up corruption on full display.

  10. I don’t care who it is. Just be fair and follow the law

  11. Abraham P’shat

    Even better for Ripple – SEC will screw up more than it’s been done much easier to win the case.. SEC have nothing against Ripple the government is desperate and when you desperate you will fuck up big time

  12. I'm pretty sure this will go to supreme court. We need regulation. Why else did Ripple hire those 2 hotshot supreme court lawyers

  13. It’s going from bad to worse! 👀🙆🏾‍♂️😆😅🤣

  14. Gary…Gary…Are you there?🤡🤡🤡

  15. It’s should be good pelosi is all for the people of this country

  16. gregory fabrizi

    SEC ARE ALL RUNNING AWAY 👏😏They are all in the know 💩ALL Bull SHIT ARTISTS 👍💥🤡💩🤬

  17. It shouldn't matter who is appointed to the sec as long they follow the law. The confusion starts when they go rogue and make up rules.

  18. I thought Jeb was out of XRP last summer???

  19. Rocco Regalbuto

    A close connection to Pelosi when not too long ago he4self and over 30 other politicians caught in violating SEC trading laws for not disclosing trades. Now has an anchor within the SEC. Nahhh this isn't a conflict of interest… nahhhhhh

  20. So it’s a old grandpa guy and a bunch of political plants wtf this country is beeeeep right up the b u m

  21. It appears to be a crooked political web…Pelosi will likely profit from this.

  22. Let's goooooo Franky boiiiii, moon time 🚀🚀🚀💸💸💸