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Crypto.Com (CRO) Coin has pushed up after pulling back due to news that acted as a negative catalyst. CRO coin is setting itself up for a reversal and showing signs of a potential rise and recovery to previous highs. This video does a price analysis and update on CRO coin. Comment your thoughts on where CRO coin is moving next.

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  1. Honestly? I did look carefully at CRO 6 months ago but figured there wasn't a much room for the token to appreciate. Given they've now had a marketing disaster with their rewards programme changes and u-turns, I'm glad I went with Plutus (PLU)

    The cost of each staking tier is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper, you get up to 8% cashback and 750x potential to $CRO market cap. A win win🏆

    (Oh and personally for me non-custodial and decentralization is important and Plutus is both. CDC is custodial and centralized. Your keys, your crypto I say! Decentralization is the future.)

  2. Thank god I discovered Plutus around 1 month ago. You don't need to stake it and the minimum is 3 % Cashback and can get to 8% so its pretty good, should try it !

  3. I have lost all confidence in cro after what they have done, I didn’t get an email until 2 days after they made their changes. I’m swapping it all for Plu once it unstakes.

  4. I think it will take a long time to recover. I’m using Plutus now 👍🏼👍🏼

  5. I see there lots of Plutus users here already?? Kinda surprised since it's still a relatively unknown project… But anyways, very satisfied user for around a year and a half and managed to earn more then 2kEUR of PLU cashback.

  6. Jumping ship to the @Plutus card is a no brainer now. The rewards structure is much better with higher returns and the $PLU token will probably go up a lot in the next few years. 🚀

  7. Thanks god I use Plutus card from the very beginning. For average person definitely the best Crypto debit card with highest rewards out there. Check and decide by yourself

  8. CRO is going to take a long time to get back up. Price will slowly decrease as stakers unstake their CRO and sell it for other better options like PLUTUS. As soon as the staking is unlocked people will start selling and selling and pouring their cash into other tokens with better options like PLU where I can get 5% cashback for a little under $4500 at current prices.

  9. No way CRO is making it back to old prices, nevertheless make it to $5. The reaction in price is dampened sure to the stakes that people have for the card, the DeFi app and the earn programs. Expect a massive price drop in 28 days, slowly bleeding for the next 3 months and more severe bleeding for the next 3 months. The self custody in the Plutus program in rewards is looking very enticing. Any way they've been making much better moves lately than CDC.

  10. It does look to be recovering after a nasty hit! You see competitors shaking down too in comparison as well after the initial rush to the exits.

    To me, CRO is a whole ecosystem, much more than just the cashback card. It doesn’t have to be the absolute best at everything it’s trying to do. Some elements make more sense than others to capitalise on. There are dedicated cashback card projects which likely have more longevity and money-making potential than CRO after this change. That doesn’t mean abandon CRO, but do consider the alternatives for your general monthly spend. I did that, and it’s Plutus which comes out on top for the cashback cards. In UK and EU their rates are hard to beat and achievable with comparatively minimal investment. It’s also really early days for it at the moment. CRO will ride this out and be a good intro to all of crypto for so many in the future – but savvy users will look to maximise what they get out of more dedicated projects too.

  11. CRO slashing their rewards have killed off their debit cards which is a great entry into crypto for the masses.

    I will be using Plutus (available in UK and EEA). They offer a 3 percent cashback rate. Depending on subscription tier you can get up to 3 perks which are worth upto £10 in value. Rewards can be boosted through staking – 2,000 PLU GOAT would get 8 perks and 8 percent rewards.

    Check it out!

  12. Amazing I also started trading with him recently, five hundred thousand dollars profits in just 2month and still counting, mr Donald is the best crypto trade men I recommend you sir>

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