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Crypto.Com (CRO) Coin has pulled back as the entire crypto market has pulled back. CRO coin has seen a decrease in trading volume and buying pressure. CRO coin is showing signs of a potential continued downtrend. This video does a price analysis and update on CRO coin. Comment your thoughts on where CRO coin is moving next.

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  2. I bought on this dip at 0.26. that's a good enough sale for me just in case it pulls back under .20 then I'll be buying a few million! I have half billion Cro coins. I been super successful with Cro alone. Yes I took profits here n there. But I still have tons to play with and add during sales like this etc. I thank the paper pu$$y panic sellin dumba$$es everytime though! They the ones that actually make me rich lol 😆😂 No matter how you look at it though. Cro is here to stay! Cro is not just a rewards card you greedy pukes! This is BUSINESS not FRIENDSHIP ✌️

  3. Unfortunately the market is pretty crazy right now… Good opportunities to buy low if you have the money 🤑

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