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Crypto News: Fed Meeting, BTC Adoption, APE Antics, Mining & More!!

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► PCE Hits 40 Year High:
► Swiss Central Bank Considers Bitcoin:
► Otherside NFT Frenzy:
► Bitcoin Hash Rate Hits All Time High:
► First DeFi Mortgage Issued:
► CFTC Stablecoin Bill:


0:00 Intro
2:04 Crypto Market Crash
4:49 Countries Bullish On Crypto
7:51 Apecoin Antics
9:32 Bitcoin Mining Metrics
12:09 Crypto Borrowing, Better Than Selling
14:42 Stablecoins In The Spotlight
17:22 Top Performing Cryptos
20:24 Outro


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  1. The two biggest mistakes in the crypto and stock market are panic buying and panic selling.

  2. It's my first time in Bitcoin trading I have heard so much about investment but have not tried it yet I'm looking for a reliable broker that I can start with any ideas? Please i don't want scammers thanks

  3. Call me when and if bitcoin breaks 50k hopefully sometime this year… if we cant get back to 48k and hold it nothing changes. Should we hype everyone up because the price was pumping to 40k? Just buy and wait for the price target to come.. long term bullish definately.

  4. Every country is trying to adopt..but India trying to gain by taxing …In india crypto is lottery/race….gains taxed at 30%……I am from India… an experienced crypto GUY 😏….can you suggest me which coins might give gains in 2022 ?

  5. Thanks for this update I really needed it it's a really big and huge one .

  6. Wonderful project 👍👍👍👍👍👍
    That's great project 👍👍👍👍👍👍
    I'm happy

  7. Un excellent contenu, présenté par un expert. Comme toujours, le numéro un en matière de crypto. Peut-être que Guy pourra un jour obtenir le certificat de conseiller en investissement. Il semble qu'il y ait une fixation là-dessus. Je plaisante, c'est tout. Coin Bureau le meilleur, beaucoup d'amour. 😂😂😍

  8. Pushing miners to use green power will change the landscape of power around the world. All the climate change green new deal bullshit politicians will never figure it out. Don’t worry guys, bitcoiners will take care of it

  9. My friend told me that I should've but ape for tether when it came out, but I didn't listen. I wish I could rewind time

  10. So to Summarize: BTC hashrate continues to increase and US Regulators continue to be confused on how to Regulate Crypto. Even in this age of Stagflation, it still sounds like Good News for Crypto overall. 😁

  11. Can you please do something on Lunaone (XLN) presales going on. Trying to know whether it's okay to put in few box into their coin distribution going on

  12. Why is this version of your work not on Spotify anymore? I love the longer series now on there btw. This is more about current events…good to have them both in Spotify!

  13. Hello Guy. Thank you for you informative video's. Your the best person on Youtube explaining about crypto and global financial systems.

    I also have a video request.
    Would like to know your take on this new Layer 1 coin 'coreum'. Does It have improvements in comparison to existing blockchains? And will it have a space in te crypto world?

    Or Is the coin not old enough to do a video about. Please let me know.

  14. Once again, not happy news. When that quiet time returns, when it will be possible to invest usdt without unnecessary worries. I miss such times

  15. you are kanda whispering in every end of sentence and its hard to hear you 🙁

  16. if US dollar lose then world reverse currency will be ether china currency or BTC , but all depends on us economy crash, only time will tell

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