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Nightly News Full Broadcast – April 12

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Lester Holt anchors from Brooklyn with coverage of the New York City subway shooting, President Biden calls Russia’s actions in Ukraine ‘genocide,’ and Covid cases are rising in the Northeast.

00:00 Intro
02:43 NYC subway shooting latest
06:03 Manhunt underway for NYC shooting suspect
07:59 America’s inflation at highest in 41 years
10:30 Biden calls Russia’s actions ‘genocide’
13:08 Rising Covid cases in the Northeast
15:09 Exclusive Obama interview
17:19 Airline ticket prices increase

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  1. Worst thing is rent
    It went from 690 to 800 since January!!! Plus good and gas

  2. Is it true that Hunter Biden had relations with his underage niece? if so shouldn't he be arrested?

  3. Instead of spreading fear………
    Try spreading love……
    God loves all.

    It is genocide, stop war in Ukraine.
    Please wear 😷.

  4. Yes yes my heart's broken 💔💔💔 sad 😭 cry 😭💔😭💔💔😭😭💔

  5. This man lied about President Trump everyday for 4 years he is one of the main reasons behind Biden now

  6. Why would the United socialist states government use " Hitler's" poisoning the prisoners water with Fluoride on the American Citizens???% Wake up America !!!% Deus Vult Emmanuel Semper Gloria 🔥 🙏 ⚔ 🛡 ✝️ 🇬🇪 🇺🇸

  7. What about—price gouging by gas & food companies while they make billions in profits?

  8. 旅居20年俄羅斯中國人分析美國背後操控炸沉戰艇為免2024 有總統選舉 A guy Immigranted to Russia more than 20 years analyst Biden group control the war to avoid 2024 election. Radio broadcasted Biden stole the White House. Every one discusses in Russia.

  9. They don’t call it a terrorist attack because he is a BLM terrorist he is black. Imagine if he killed someone.

  10. Ethnicity in question , be it secretive or outright frustrated leading to eternal death ☠️ of war, is thé devil’s way to keep all minds off of seeking God.
    Jesus Christ says if you are not doing the will of God, then you are doing the will of your father the devil.
    Man defaults to the devil if they refuse to seek God follow Jesus Christ and do God’s will.
    This is my belief, motto and philosophy.

  11. Biden must think we’re all brain dead idiots to buy the lie That gas prices are all Putin’s fault. He shut down the XL pipeline on day one of his presidency. WE WERE OIL INDEPENDENT BEFORE HE DISMANTLED THE PIPELINE. He Also opened up the border by stopping the wall and we’ve had millions more illegal Crossings and they are being bussed to a city near you. He’s been undermining American citizens since day one. Putting Obama on here to “plug” about how great Biden’s administration is shows you how desperate they are for damage control on Biden’s plummeting ratings.

  12. Food prices up 9% Slam the Russian and American's president heads together !

  13. THINGS THAT WON'T GO AWAY, EVEN IF WE WISH THEM TO: Bad Weather, Gun-crazy People, Trump, Covid-19, Inflation, and Putin 🤪

  14. How in the world is Vladimir Putin Helping Donbass when he js destroying Schools and killing 1000s of civilians 😠

  15. I still don't know why Vladimir Putin is invading Ukraine 🇺🇦 😠

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