Napoli Fan Token $NAP Chart, Price and Contract

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Fan Tokens allow fans across multiple sports verticals to exercise their share of influence within their favourite teams/leagues/clubs. Through [](, fans are empowered to participate in certain club decisions, for example, choosing a goal celebration song in a football stadium, choosing which fighters should go head to head in MMA, and more. Thanks to Fan Tokens, holders receive access to once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as player meet and greets, training day events & much much more. The growing list of partnerships launching their Fan Tokens on the []( platform includes some of the biggest sporting organizations in the world such as FC Barcelona, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Manchester City, UFC, ROUSH Fenway Racing, Aston Martin, just to name a few.

chiliz chiliz: 0xc7456e8f7ce7bddbcbf719d0a90811a35dd3d363

Name: Napoli Fan Token
Symbol: NAP
Network: chiliz

Total supply: 0
Max supply: 0

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NAP price,Napoli Fan Token price


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