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Learn how I’m planning to approximate the bottom and what eco I’m planning to invest in next.

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Intro 00:00
Market Outlook 00:47
My New Portfolio Allocation 9:45

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You should not use my video to make financial decisions and I highly recommended you seek professional advice from someone who is authorized to provide investment advice.

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  1. all tokens in the posschain ICO was finished. they have a private sale now. it looks like it will end in three weeks

  2. I joined this posschain too and I bought 2500 of them. it will be great if they will be listed for $2

  3. someone above wrote and I checked on CMC. only blockchain projects rised this week, all the others have not enough volume

  4. guys I am still trying to buy but couldnt do it. can someone help me

  5. mate can you make a video about posschain? I follow you for a long time, your comments are important for me.

  6. guys ICO is over, they are duing the private sale and all sales will end in 2 weeks. It will be listed on exchanges later on

  7. I got good profit from mana. it is better to buy posschain for $500 instead of not investing anywhere

  8. I am investing on blockchain projects since 2018. I bought posschain for $2000, it will skyrocket during the bull season.

  9. now we are in bear season and when I look at the rising projects in the market, they are all blockchain projects. posschain can arise well too.

  10. I saw posschain last month and purchased for $600. I feel like it will raise good during the bull season.

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