BINANCE IS NEXT!! We Have *100% PROOF* They Run On Fractional Reserves!!!??

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WARNING! Binance will be the next crypto catastrophe after FTX because there is evidence the exchange may be running on fractional reserves!! Binance through their proof or reserves website may have leaked the exchanges liabilities instead of its reserves for a popular cryptocurrency. Although it doesn’t stop at fractional reserves…has the Binance exchange also been insider trading?? Tune in to find out

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:00 Intro: Centralized Exchanges inflating BTC supply?
00:53 FTX leaked Balance Sheet reveals trading on Fractional Reserves
01:56 Fraction Reserve trading dates back to Mt. Gox era
02:21 Tether USDT running on Fractional Reserves
02:57 BlockFi running on Fractional Reserves
04:00 CZ & Binance Proof-of-Reserve savior?!? Pfft.
09:43 Binance Co-Founder history of insider trading

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  2. The only thing that matters is who can you trust. Until there is truly a transparent coin and solid proof of that transparency. All coins have flaws. Even in a cold storage situation. It amazes me how many people and institutions have been fooled.

  3. Hilarious that CZ wants to pretend he's CANADIAN. Dude is a Chicom plant for sure. Look at these old vids and the co-founder YI HE. Totally a China affiliated exchange.

  4. Most Banks run on fractional reserves. Who's to say Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp, Huobi, OKex won't be next? They all use fractional reserves like Binance. All centralized crypto companies are risky during this crypto deleveraging. Not your keys not your crypto.

  5. It's funny how this mentally unstable individual keeps shilling coins and talking shit about CZ.

  6. so your 100% proof is that they put one number wrong on their homepage and corrected it? YOU ARE A CLOWN!

  7. Would you go on Ran Nuner’s show Cripto Banter if invited? It’d be awesome if you would drop some knowledge bombs on his community.

  8. I'm weary, when now Many YouTubers are now calling out crypto exchanges on which will fall, when they didn't call no platforms exchange that were next to fall.

    I noticed folks in crypto have a bad habit to call things out, just like they try to call prices.

  9. magandang video,bago ako sa cryptocurrency at hindi ko maintindihan kung paano ito gumagana. Maaari bang may gumabay sa akin sa tamang diskarte sa pamumuhunan at paggawa ng magandang kita mula sa pamumuhunan sa cryptocurrency?🤔

  10. I've riding cz asz bcuz in Hawaii a state with most strict crypto laws in US. OK. Binance in Hawaii is illegal and considered risky business ponzi by Hawaii A.G. Now Hawaii law says the exchange must have 1:1 in bank backing my money, binance REFUSED to do so and was considered illegal. Check that out brudda🍄👽🍄

  11. Tyler, please do a brief update on GMX during the ripple of centralized entities. Is this still your go to?

  12. Are you a GREATER FOOL? If you're still in crypto, YOU ARE!! The Greater Fool Theory is the idea that, during a market bubble, one can make money by buying overvalued assets and selling them for a profit later, because it will always be possible to find someone who is willing to pay a higher price.

  13. So u ve been so obsessed over theter and binance but u didn t see the elephant in the room FTX?? Late to the show and trying to make a scoop? Lame.

  14. Pump n dump on crazy level at the moment… Thanks again for sharing all this information, still holding some cash the low is taking longer than expected but I am hanging in there meanwhile as holders we can still make good profit. Big appreciation to Gerard Desmond for helping me grow my 2.4btc to 8btc from august till date

  15. LMAO Chico BNB is the strongest coin and you fudded your subs in not buying bnb when it was at $4, keep pumping ur scam coin ewt and dump on plebs even blackrock dumped that shit.

  16. Binance wanted my biometric data to open an account with them so sounds like Chinese operation to me 😮

  17. I'm not surprised because banks operate the same way… If everybody goes to their bank to withdraw their money I think all banks would have to stop withdrawals…. but I don't believe Binance is next !

  18. you're narration form/ voice is annoying af. jumpingh to conclusions with a drama queen tone. also; you're blowing this way out of proportion. you seem like you never grew up past highschool. the BCH wallet, you can look, you will see they shuffle things around. they have multiple cold and hot wallets. and you will only ever see a single address listed there. i get your point, trying to find inconsistencies. but this is just stupidity. wayback machine this and that. they likely had their hotwallet listed (overcollateralized) before they performed the shuffle for a wallet for b-token proofs. you;re missing the point here. what actually happened was for a time, they were likely comingling user wrapped b token asset proofs with exchange hot wallets. still a no no. but you're bottom feeding well below what's actually happening. there's trolls fudding click bait (you're acting like), and then there is actually providing valid red flags to the community with substance and not half based bs

  19. Btw…he yells fire but doesn’t tell you where it’s safe. You can’t get crypto in the USA without KYC.

  20. Speculations. And I’m sure every exchange and developer in Defi and Cefi is doing some kind of disservice to the community. I feel like the crypto community is shooting itself in the foot especially when you make statements without proof (accusations). I’m not saying none of what he said is true but pay attention to the type of titles and topics YouTube channels post. It’s about getting views. You want to make things transparent but you don’t want to tell smoke in a crowded room unless you know it’s a fire.

  21. The binance hate runs deep in Chico. Been trying to spread binance FUD for the past 5 years.

  22. Funny how CFTC and European regulators have been making claims against and investigating Binance relentlessly but never even touched FTX.

  23. The so called Block Chain is a SCAM. Why should Bitcoin be expensive just because it is limited. But what is its use? All nonsense.

  24. The options just got out on binance (BTC ETH just today BNB) and shady moves whit no volumes when they ended 🤔🤔🦧🦄🤬

  25. I really feel left out hearing and seeing several testimonies from people on profits they make from Bitcoin/Forex Investment. Can someone recommend a good expert that can trade on my behalf and generate profit for me.

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