cryptoS will make it but we will face a long and cold Winter this time around!

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cryptoS will make it but we will face a long and cold Winter this time around!

Intro: We are the first in the world to coin the Blockchain as the best piece of software that’s ever been written for humanity by humanity. If you know the secrets of cryptoS then it is very easy to come out on top as an intelligent trader or to reach your financial freedom as a long-term smart investor. Only the top 3-5% of traders/investors will win in such volatile markets of cryptocurrency.
But first – whether you are an investor, a trader, a developer (founder) or a contributor – you need to identify for yourself what kind of skill sets you would like to master and you will become extremely confident on this roller coaster ride. One thing we know for sure is that cryptoS will be here to stay. The majority of other coins and tokens will come and go, due to competition, fraud or scams. The number could be more than 97% so you have to be careful of your investment. Only the top few percentages will survive the test of time with innovations. And we are revealing how to spot top coins/tokens so you can financially and politically accomplish your ultimate Freedom and true Democracy.
How do you get in early with projects like: $SOL that was up 51,000%, $MATIC up 44,000%, $GMT up 40,000%, $EGLD up11000% and/or even $HEX up37,000% and $LUNA up 11,000% before the classic Crash due to a math mistake on Algo stablecoins? Or even $BTC and $ETH at the very beginning of the Blockchain if you got lucky.
More importantly – how do you avoid losing money with LUNA and the many rug pulled projects? By sharing and revealing these secrets you will be able to identify the good, the bad and the ugly with cryptoS to make better decisions on your finances. Always remember there will always be opportunities in cryptoS. It’s never too late since we are very early in the experimental stage of development until 2030. Never Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) since there will be much more innovations happening on altcoins which can be printed legally and morally in Bull cycles. Study, Learn and Research starting with cryptoS Report: the best News with the top curated Resources revealing the tools/charts/Re(sources) you need for a successful start in cryptoS investment…
Tips and Tricks
Set your own goal to begin the accumulation

Believe in innovations and the power of P2P

Never go against the markets, follow the trends

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Avoid copycats and forks/classics for long-term

Don’t fall for that $10 or even $100 credit of referrals!

Use common sense and be patient with your potentials

A few seconds to type the URL will save you thousands

Allocate 50% for cryptoS and 50% for fiats plus the rest

Never FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) as there will be always opportunities
In Math we Trust with the Blockchain whether it’s classical cryptography or Quantum Cryptography

A few hours/days/weeks to research could also save your entire investments

Focus on only a few: coins/tokens/influencers/experts/analysts/strategists…

Your keys then your money (Never leave your funds on the exchanges “CEX or DEX”)

Use common sense if something is too good to be true like high APRs or extreme ROIs that you’ve never seen or heard of

Connect the dots to identify the patterns with your wisdom

Unplug/unfollow the bad actors, influencers or even the “fake” experts/analysts or strategists

Focus on the 99.99% of positivity not the 0.01% of negativity

We have one life to live so we YOLO with cryptoS

Fiats are designed and invented to be broken

Note: We know cryptoS will be here to stay while coins and tokens will come and go due to fierce competitions/frauds/scams… This could be +97% of the tokens that can’t survive the test of time!

The Tools
– Markets:

– News:

– Charts:

– New coins/tokens:
Binance Labs (IEO & Listing)
Coinbase Assets (Listing) (IDO) (IDO)

Things to AVOID: bad IDO like TrustPad, bad influencer like bitBoy, bad expert like Jim Cramer from CNBC…


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