Day 607 – The WHALE Team joins DeSo, Paul Burke discussed & more.

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⁃ Apologies to @paulburke.
⁃ Coingecko releases YouTube video on DeSo
⁃ @brootle next killer app allows for text search
⁃ @tijn Looking to hire a dev to move @searchclout
⁃ @dharmesh bought 115 DeSo of whalesharketh coin
⁃ @whalesharketh – has brought his entire leadership team to DeSo.
⁃ @bitclout_artist won @cyberpunkapes #50
⁃ @desocialworld Is at Dutch Blockchain Week talking DeSo.
⁃ DeSo Thanksgiving party is today on @entre and clubhouse
⁃ Also mentioned @GOOSIES @Squatch @PhotographyByMechell @MetazensNFT @BeerBuds @Jigglers @cloutpunk @Wormals @CompulsiveDoodler @ZombieCity @Lady_Lil @IRM @Weebos @DwarfMonsters @PixelRobot @ArtExplosion @CyberPunkApes @Blackbean @Lisa00 @LeandroBellone @Decryptolorian @Nytmare @ZorroX_eth @Unphased @RyMac @tonysellen @lordnoisy @TheLange


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