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DeRace is one of the most significant projects focused on horse racing, yet its reward potential is massive and real. Despite this bear market, the DeRace team won’t stop dominating the blockchain space. Several significant releases are arriving at DeRace throughout the year. Check out DeRace! Website: Gitbook: Coingecko:… Telegram: Twitter: Medium: Discord: Instagram: Tiktok: Telegram (exclusive DeRace Jokey Club):

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  1. Hey guys!
    I hope you enjoy this video and as always drop a like and make sure to subscribe,💖

    Prices may of changed since making this video please be aware of fake accounts taking my pic and acting as me in the comment section! i would NEVER ask you for money or to whatsapp me

  2. Sorare is leading the way for sure. If you play the free to play world cup competition you can win a Five-a-side meeting with Zindane plus VIP tickets and a lot of ETH. The NFTs har real utility and great collectibles for the future

  3. long time follower just wanted to say the Metaverse we know as UPLAND is at the forefront of Web3 Gaming, and has just announced a partnership with FIFA World Cup. Please have a piece on Upland and all the revenue streams a users can potentially involve themselves in, plus the latest developments in their new Layer 2 3rd party development launch which provides dev tool kits/SDKs to build on top of the Upland game stack. Hope to see this soon, I even suggest having them on the show, have a blessed day – LosMon

  4. Waiting for sport trading card styled NFTs, main issue will be picking company/brand once they roll in and get the partnerships with the professional sports leagues…



  5. Continued Amazement..the unfolding of each utility created manages to set the bar higher with ease. I’d say this deserves a round of applause.

  6. People really still sleeping on Bullieverse even a year later, despite daily sales being consistent for all that time. I’d get in on it while it’s still cheap. The amount of information and the size of the roadmap is ridiculous!

  7. Thanks for your work, respect and like But I would like to see a review of the new farcana project on your channel! They have already released a mini game, there is a cool idea with a pool of bitcoins for rewards in tournaments. But I want to know more about this project)

  8. I am analyzing most of these projects as I see huge potential here. Agree with SAND as the top-rated project and I am also trying to have a final conclusion about Enjin Coin. I see a good team, with a solid idea behind it, but I am not sure about the token's utility.

  9. The bias that the legacy system has for the rich is frankly disgusting. This is why I love the concept and purpose of this project (and all the SingularityNet spin offs). You guys are AWESOME

  10. You will always highlight the things that you got right please reflect to those to which your analysis failed, but you wont because it will damage your respect.

  11. headed approach you take to the news and the markets. A lot has changed and that's on everything but the truth is I don't even care much about bullish or bearish market anymore because Yeildnodes got me cover as I am comfortably making 1.1B T C monthly

  12. Thank you for the video! One small question: Since these macro factors you are talking about are not going to be solved anytime soon, and the centralized world is in a bad shape, why do we have so much pessimism when it comes to crypto, instead of being a safe place of decentralization created to escape the upcoming darker days?

  13. Many YouTube channels were talking about this project, I think it's a sign that it's time to invest

  14. Like everybody knows ico projects make x10 x20 in bear seasons I've joined a couple of projects along with posschain let's see what happens

  15. This is a good thing, and they need to bring it to market, continue to repeat and improve, create better and better projects. I would like it to grow faster than it actually is.

  16. Their marketing is at the highest level, I learned about it a long time ago, I thought he was closed, but he still holds his bar

  17. Love the play to earn content you're making!!! If you ever want to collab let us know, maybe we can compare games we play or an interview of some sort? Either way, keep up the good work!!!

  18. Looking forward to investing in NFTs this year! Because its oversaturated theres so many cool options out there to choose from!

  19. The assets, game play, and interface of this game are on point! 💯 Everyone loves NFTs and everything about the game is NFTs. In this P2E game, you can upgrade and customize your character.

  20. you should definitely keep this series going regardless of what anyone says to the contrary! This is such a great education about so many different projects and it's great to see how God is using you to be upfront about your faith while operating in a business where you don't normally find faith-based groups. I'm in a faith-based group of investors and that's how I heard about you. Thank. you for all of the time you spend helping teach the rest of us what's going on in this ever-changing space!

  21. Truly appreciate this video, please keep reminding your audience of your risk tolerance and level of risk of the projects and not to over invest! Love what you are doing either way

  22. We love your content! I think that P2E games and NFTs are going to dramatically change the future of gaming for the positive. Giving players more freedom, and developers and publishers more opportunities to create wild, original experience

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