DON'T BUY ATOM & ETH Until You See This | 2 Projects in PROFIT Due to FTX Collapse!!

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ATOM and ETH have lost bullish sentiment, Solana founders disclose how much they’ve lost with FTX. ATOM 2.0 proposal gets Vetoed, Trezor and Uniswap are making big profits from the collapse of FTX.

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00:00 INTRO
0:24 Investors buy BTC at record rate
1:21 Solana discloses how much it lost
2:44 Is Vitalik Buterin Selling his ETH?
3:14 Cosmos ATOM 2.0 Proposal
4:34 Uniswap benefits from FTX collapse
5:40 Trezor sales are up 300%
6:12 Nike launches Web3 Platform

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  1. Quite a thorough movie that describes the current scenario!  Nolus Protocol is one of the ecosystem's newest members and appears promising. Nolus DeFi lease maintains customers' collateral up to a 67% decline in the dangerous crypto environment. Do share your thoughts on this.

  2. Already bought ETH and sent to tangem wallet still have a hope this coin has a potential but i'm not sure

  3. Tresor is not a user friendly wallet it should be visually easy to look at what you're doing I'm sure someone's going to create a phone style wallet that's easy to function and use

  4. Buy HEX. Richard Heart has created the Vaccine that will cure the Central Bank / Centralized Exchange Plague. #4 erc20 on etherscan. True DEFI, launched as a complete product not project with NO admin keys, you mint your own rewards and hold your private keys. Fastest appreciating asset in the history of humanity.  HEX is the way.

  5. This whole FTX collapse is a show to scare people and nothing else. Why would anybody join FTX, I don't know.

  6. I'm expecting a spontaneous massive rise up. The pressure is building on those in fiat, post FTX BS. Now that's old news, people will be concerned on missing out. Time is ticking on getting in a position. Markets are so good and Crypto is held back. Their wont be any FTX dumps, as they are now in liquidation.

  7. ftx fiasco exposed every corruption from ukriane to ftx to america
    us sec gensler is one of them

  8. Funny to see DEX creators tweeting about VOL spike…as if they didn't know that's how FTX insiders using it to exit ramp. Everything that was wrapped on SOL is gone …they traded u a chuckee cheese token (sobtc, soeth), for your BTC and ETH n dumped on our heads

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