E526 Crypto markets melts down. APE rallies

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Making percentages work for you is critical in being a professional investor/trader (and all investors become traders anytime they buy or sell – so knowing how to do it is important). BORSOG is a powerful rule and allows professionals can make money in any market – Bull (prices up), Bear (prices down), or consolidation (price ranging). Retail traders and investors typically can only make money in Bull markets. Knowing the hidden rules is the difference between professionals (smart money) and retail.

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Crypto is volatile,
please prepare yourself for the best and worst-case scenarios –
reality will likely be between them.

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Disclaimer: Any information shared in this video is for educational purposes and is not to be considered as financial, trading, or investment advice. You must do your own research before making any decisions.


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  1. Hi Fam! If you're sitting in losses today, please know that you are closer to success than you could ever imagine. Take care everyone, things will improve

  2. Certainly: Working together will make the world and our lives better: If the West, Russia and China would work together, what a much more beautiful world we would have; that works on every level, also the cryptospace of course.

  3. About the stablecoins spike: It means at least that there is trading between de stablecoins. I am very curious about deeper insights about this, Ken.

  4. I found myself back in zone 1 yesterday throwing money at Luna and likely burning it. Undoing some of the great work I had done buying BTC and ETH on the wick down to $25K

  5. 🙏Thank you master Ken 🙏
    Great lessons today.
    I lost a lot in LUNA but that’s my own decision to invest in it. I don’t blame Guy from Coin Bureau channel which said LUNA is a great project. 🧐I don’t blame Ken who is teaching me how to trade. 😇I buy only tokens with money I can lose. Take a full responsibility for my own decision. I still buying Bitcoin and hope it still comes down. 🦅Crypto is volatile Ken said every day people do your own research 🧐 and trade carefully good luck all the classmates. 👍

  6. Thanks, Ken. I had to close my eyes when you walked through the alts, though!
    It looks like I blew $50 on Luna yesterday. How toxic Twitter is, Do Kwon seems like he lacks real wealth. He has probably walked away with millions. This is the problem with crypto compared to listed companies. The founders of a bad crypto usually walk away with their pockets lined.

  7. Phew. I actually sold off my Luna at $30 at around a 50% loss. Didn't like the look of the UST depeg event and decided other cryptos would give a good percentage to make back the money given how everything was selling off. Of course right now it looks like the right move but I knew at the time there was a risk of missing out on a mega LUNA relief rally. It was a fast, but not panicked, decision based on rapidly developing events. Crypto is tough sometimes. What a Learning experience

  8. This last week has reinforced that the obvious, learning is a life long activity. Thank you Ken for the daily insights. We need to hang in there, we are closer to success than we think we are 🙏

  9. I hope BTC will not fall lower then the craddle at around $ 25500, but I think there is good chance the price will go all the way to about $ 20000, the top of 2017, before moving up again. This happen before: the former top becoming the bottom in the next 4-year cycle.

  10. Another great crypto sermon. Thanks Ken. Really appreciate the life advice contained here

  11. If Do Kwon hade a real wealth mindset maybe he would have looked in to the problem and solved it instead. Important lesson/reminder to look for the right people behind the project

  12. Thanks Ken, always a pleasure to watch your daily videos and always learning something new. I'm working my way through the masterclass for the 2nd time, and picking up so many useful things that I either missed or didn't fully absorb the first time. You have given me life changing knowledge and I am forever grateful.

  13. Hey Ken, last I checked Luna circulating supply was at 200 billion. they have been printing luna tokes all day. But at its current price I would not mind putting $100 into it just in case it turns into next doge coin.

  14. Hi Ken! Have to revisit the stable coins tutorial… Worked in my favor luckily with busd… Got lucky finally 😅

  15. USD went up 400% it seems as everyone exited their positions into a stable coin (that wasn't UST!🤦🏻‍♂️)

  16. I bought ASTAR at 0.05. Currently 60% up. Strong team, well funded, with all the support of Web3 Foundation and Parity Technologies and Polkadot. Buy quality

  17. Hey Ken — you said don't do leverage. Does shorting still count as leverage? With the minimum 1X leverage, which is still 2X to liquidate.

  18. Just stop please. For the love of the people. Do not buy Luna it a unlimited supply being minted by UST being burned. It's out of control now and can't be fixed without intervention. The man in charge head too big and waited too long. Even if it is fixed now who wants to invest in a manipulated cryptocurrency. Kinda defeats the point of crypto. This isn't the first time this man's project has failed.

  19. okok. Ken, thank you for being a light house during this. its really important to be greatful and to be reminded why rules are so important. BUT I DO WANT TO SHARE THIS lol. 4 LUNA 2 RECOVER TO PREVIOUS ATH IT WOULD BE a humble 762,366,494% !!
    have a great day every1

  20. Ken, trying to get Bitcoin and Nasdaq to fight like that! Naughty newlywed! 🤣

    I know someone who put 100 dollars into Luna at around the 0.05 mark, and today was feeling a little down about it basically losing it all for nothing as Luna moves to the 5th and 6th decimal place. I tried to find a silver lining. She gambles a little sometimes at the casino. So I said "how many times have you lost $100 at the casino and BEEN A PART OF HISTORY?"

    Meh, I did it too with about 40 bucks. I knew the risk. Buy the ticket. Take the ride.

  21. Ken still giving us Luna losers hope 👋😪. Support group on this thread ⛑

  22. I'm so happy I found this community, it's nice to get away from all the noise, not only have I been borsogi-ng but I've started my journey to discover what real wealth means to me. Happiness, love, and compassion

  23. Hi Ken! We're especially eager for your insight when markets fall off a cliff.

  24. Hi Ken !! Looking so forward to the numbers today ! Interesting times we live 😅

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