E723 – Profitable crypto trades: Long at spot done in a red market, yesterday

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Many investors and traders fled the market yesterday on the news of GBTC, Genesis, FTX, and other contagions. As professional traders, we look for market entries (using BORSOG) and reasonable profit levels. The market is always full of opportunities; you need the knowledge of how to find them, and that is provided through the CTKS Masterclass (link below). For the highest quality market analysis from a smart money mindset based on 30+ years in financial markets.

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  1. The Masterclass is worth every penny, thanks Ken for another brilliant daily video. Looking forward to the update. Commitment; the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.. 💚 D60 (D70 N30 U0) S30

  2. Thank you so much, Ken. Thank you community for all of your helpful comments. I wish everyone a peaceful day. 🙏🏼🕊❤️✨

  3. I've watched the LV21 and LV25 videos and I will certainly watch them soon again.
    Commitment is so important for our success, it is basiclly the repetition of positive actions untill they become habits leading us to positive excellence. It means to "keep walking, even if you are in hell." like said many times in this beautiful channel.
    For tomorrow I guess we will be rejected from the smart money sell level for BTC at 16650$ and see a rise in the DXY to it's next major resistance at around 108 points. D65-(D60-N10-U30) S75

  4. Thank you grandmaster Ken, I did well with APE OP and INJ but not even close with what you executed, jaw dropped. And for sure, missing the MC is definitely very costly.
    – Commitment to me, also is a promise to myself, I won't back down and won't stop buying the reds (as intelligently as possible), because I know that I will develope with time.
    – Nice short liquidation but with low volume, I think it means not much commitment, unlike our community, so (N40-D40) (D70-N10-U20)

  5. Belated thank you Ken🦅🦅
    There's always opportunities in the markets. Like Art🦅 said, this is a great time to actively trade and stay on our game.
    Haven't had too much time this week. However, I did make a few small BORSOG trades on SU, EQB, and TSLA. KS levels work on everything…not just crypto🙏
    N40 (D15 N70 U15) S35

  6. Hello Ken & CTKS Family,

    Thank you for sharing the trades with us. I understood that I must fix my aim and to be more precise with my trades. I love how your way of teaching makes our wheels move.
    Ken, your voice is really a guide in this world! I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    U50 (U50 N30 D20) S40 – Keep your eye on DXY!

  7. Amazing trades Ken 👍💎. Ken is an absolute master🥋🦅. Congratulations fellow borsoggers 🥳. N60(D10-N80-U10) S50. Cheers KS 3 👋😃🦅🌄

  8. Good day folks!!! I hope everyone is doing well and keep their wits. Ken!!! Thank you 🙏🏼 my friend. Morning ☕️ and a new vid, cheers.

  9. thank you Ken and Kate, and thank you ks family for the great comments. And thank you Ken for the TV sale tip woo hoo i waited two months for this sale ..🙌🙏 Having Commitment is like a Tree Trunk standing stead fast in the wind. Commitment will lead us to inner and outer peace, which allows more space for learning, this will eventually will liquidate our fears and any negative thoughts. Im in gratitude for being here with every one. Happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate the holiday and if not just know im in gratitude for you every day and do not need thanksgiving to remind me. 🙏💚💚

  10. Commitment is continuous positive engagement. Don't blink, don't give up.
    U60 (D40-N5-U55) S20

  11. These actual borsog trades are so helpful as they can be 're-enacted' on your own chart, allows you to identify patterns that you might want to lean in to on the red days! Take notes! Have a good day!

  12. Excellent trades Ken, well played!

    Commitment is the dedication of our time and energy – our two most valuable resources – to something important.

    I recently committed to commenting on Ken's daily videos. I feel it has brought me closer to the KS fam and positive excellence.

    N60 (D30-N50-U20) S60

  13. Is the Masterclass expensive? If you can pull off the trades that Ken showed us today, you may not need it, but it surely isn't expensive becuase you can quickly generate the cost in the market. If you cannot perform thos trades you will quickly lose the cost of the Masterclass to the market and would be much better off investing in your learning and knowledge. So no, the Masterclass is not expensive at all. (And we haven't even brought the amount of work and insider knowledge Ken has poured into the MC into the equation!)

  14. It is priceless to start the morning with daily updates from Grandmaster Ken and comments from the family. Thank you all! 🙏 D40 (D70-N30-U0) S60

  15. Thank you Ken and Kate! A wonderful episode today! Got to take some profits on BTC and MATIC overnight and having a great morning. Much love to the CTKS Family out there!
    D65 (D60-N30-U10) S70

  16. BORSOG code: U65-D0-N15-U85-S30.
    Wishing all KS family a lovely grateful day. Thank you Ken and Kate. Pease and love.

  17. Hi Ken and Kate Thank you for todays amazing video I loved how you showed us all the trades and talking about entitlement and fear is so very relevant to todays society. U70 D10 N10 U80 S45

  18. N40 (D0 N100 U0) S50
    Looking forward to Dec 11. Many of us commited to the masterclass on that date last year and to everybody that is still here after all that has happened since then shows how commited and strong you are. Life will reward that. It has been a year of strengthening and growing for many and much thanks to the masterclass and community videos.
    A special thank you to you Ken for making the commitment and turnaround in life on this date, several years back and showing us what true commitment looks like. Thank you for also making this a special date for the community. I'm sure many of us see the masterclass as a turning point in our life.
    In E365 Ken explains why this is a special date for him.

  19. Great update, Ken!
    Commitment- you must be dedicated to thing things you commit to. Like you said, if you are not fully committed, you will stop spending time on that activity and eventually stop doing it altogether. When you want to achieve something, learn something new, be a good partner, be a good parent, you have to be all in. Your commitments can easily be determined by how much of your time and efforts you give for each activity.
    I think we still have a little upward momentum left for now. U55D0N70U30 sync 50.

  20. Thank you Ken for featuring my comment in your video! Recognition is always appreciated. By the way, my Chainlink trade has continued to return profit, Up to a 17% gain now. But I am getting ready to set my sell orders, I know it will run in to resistance eventually, and likely soon. Can always get back in during a healthy pullback.

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