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  1. Thank you Ken and Kate you guys are totally awesome – especially Kate. I loved the dedication discussion, I think it is true that we need to be dedicated just to turn up and post our BORSOG codes as smart money loves to punch us in the . . . . and scare us away from the market. Just keep going is key and then scale, and of course the masterclass. D55 D95 N5 U0`

  2. Hi Ken,
    Thanks for the great explaining. I checked the Chiliz trades (6:03) you shared with us, and I noticed you bought at about the same price level everytime, then sold them all at a slightly higher price.
    It seems a big risk to me. How do you know for certain the price doesn't drop further when such a dip occurs?

  3. Thank you Ken&Kate, it's fantastic to see your trades, i'm setting aside time to study them !
    Loving your quote " Setbacks come before progress" 🙏🏽

  4. The institutions want to catch everyone off guard. When retail is pulled back into a rally, they will do a rug pull and drop the price. Dxy is going down a bit on the slower rate hikes. Market should come up a bit. Vix still needs to spike. So, in time, we will go back down again. For now, U60D0N70U30.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  5. BORSOG code: U60-D0-N10-U90-S30.
    In what direction do you think the DXY is headed? I think the DXY is still heading down as it is under a few levels of daily resistance with no major support beyond 105. Next stop could be 102.
    What will the institutions do with the entry of retail investors? Sell them high priced crypto banking nice percentages. Have a grateful thanks giving day and weekend for those families reuniting. Many thanks Ken, Kate and KS family. Love and peace.

  6. Great video Ken 💎👍. Institution need to attract retail into their higher sell orders. This could explain news hinting at a Fed pivot. DXY + VIX are still weakening. I think we will range sideways today between 16k and 17k and go down into Friday. Stable coins in top losers hints at an incoming red day. N60(D5-N85-U10) S50. Thank you KS 3 for sharing your great wisdom 💎💎💎🙏🙏🙏. Cheers everyone 👋😃🌄🦅

  7. Thank you, Ken. You have provided an encouraging message and important information, as always. I wish everyone a peaceful day. 🙏🏼🍁✨

  8. I'm expecting a quiet day today as it's Thanksgiving Day in the USA. Let's see what happens.
    D60 (D55-N10-D35) S10

  9. Hi Ken & Fam!
    Thanks for yet another great vid, looking forward to V2.0 in december!
    My recent comments seem to have gone missing. Oh well.
    Great thoughts, fam, thanks for sharing!

  10. Feeling DXY 105.6 is weekly low, weekly close around 106. Chair Powell speech on Nov 30th may be hawkish which could rally DXY further.

    Rule 621 BORSOG (Kind to us this week!)

    Fun episode, thanks Ken!

    N60 (D20-N60-U20) S60

  11. Thank you master Ken🙏 I have a few good trades yesterday and today but I am out with only 2 tokens now waiting for sell spikes. I am expecting the market to drops tomorrow.
    My BORSOG code is D90 (D5-N5-U90) S90 25:56 Rule621🦅🦅🦅 Buy on Red sell on Green I love this rule and I am doing it every day. Have a great day everyone 👍

  12. Hi All,
    I hope all are having a great Day?

    What are your thoughts on the Nasdaq and its reduced volume for 2 Days? There was 2 Positive Days but a lot less regular volume.
    Does it indicate uncertainty by the institutions in those markets? With the limited volume and a hugh down trend in the Vix is it indicating a potential Reversal/pull back?

  13. The rule that rocks! # 621 – Redbuyer & Greenseller
    Looks like we're going back down again. D60 (D70-N30-U0) S60

  14. Thank you, Ken. And hello KS Fam.

    Really appreciated the sentiments in the early part of todays episode – you have a finger on the pulse, Mr Standfield.

    And as Admiral Ackbar famously exclaimed – “IT’S A TRAP!”

    N (D35 – N40 – U25) S30

  15. Hi Ken, thank you for remembering us about the Life Trend and the recent Trades you did – 🌄🙏
    I entered Matic two days ago when BTC was at it's smart-money buy level at around 15.700 blood red, turning into an 10% return a few hours later. 🦅
    The Dollar lost a support at 106,288 pts and is currently heading down, leading the markets to fallow in the opposite direction.
    So I think for tomorrow U65-(D25-N20-U45) S75
    But let's be carefull, because institutions wants to take us out of Synchronisation and let's have a close eye on the VIX.

  16. Thank you grandmaster Ken and Kate
    16:17 it might be a trap, it seems more likely when the liquidation volume are really low
    17:03 A pull back is coming
    26:00 Rules 621 BOR-SOG
    – I think we could see 1 more day with stable coins extended to the downside, (N40-U40) (D25-N10-U65) S30

  17. About DXY I think it could go a little more down but will encounter a resistance(around 105.159), also I am cautious about SP500 near resistance, and the long way down on the VIX that suggest a growing probability of a turn around, so as crypto where divergent from the financial market because of ftx, maybe a little breathe up, but next week I'll be cautious about everything 🙂

  18. Awe …. come on Ken. You just took all the fun out of being a grumpy ole man. Get off my grass! 👍

  19. The shorts heat up (forced to buy), the longs cool down (forced to sell). The institutions will buy to force the shorts to heat up the market. This will bring retail in. Then they sell to force the longs to cool it back down. And the whole process beings again. Its still a new concept for me. Let me know if that was anywhere in the ballpark. Thanks CTKS fam.

  20. Thanks, Ken and Kate! Rule # 621, Buy on Red, Sell on Green. This is a great rule, because it changes our perspective from fear of loss to hope of gain. And there is nothing better than a delayed fill. I know some of us don't like to let trades go past bedtime, but I love waking up to discover one or more of my trades were filled. Happy Thanksgiving to those who observe the holiday. I'm thankful to be here with you, such a great community you are! D51 (D40+N40+U20) S55

  21. Hi everyone! Have a great day!

    The institutions wants to hunts us down, but we are diamonized so they wont catch our stops (because we dont use them, we trade at spot!)

    I just want to thank you all of you fam to support everyone. My most sincere thanks.

    Borsog code for today N50 (D30 N50 U20) S35

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