E725 – How to supercharge trading profits + Crypto market update

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Smart money understands percentages and how they work over multiple levels of buying. This example shows you what was accomplished over the past 4 days with one trade. You can apply this thinking into any market. For the highest quality market analysis from a smart money mindset based on 30+ years in financial markets.

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  1. The ks zone analysis woke me up from a years-long sleep, from entitlement, from comfortably numb-type of life I had. When I understood that I do not “deserve” wealth and a beautiful life just by birthright, I began to work hard, and earn whatever I want to keep long-term. Real wealth and a positive excelence focus of mindset, changed my life. Thank you. Thank you and thank you.

    Borsog code for today: N50 (D30 N50 U20) S35

  2. Awesome video Ken 💎👍. KS zone analysis is very important. If you don't know what zone you are in, you cannot know what to do about it. Like a mirror, it let's you see yourself in truth and shines light on what is otherwise too hard to see. 💎💎
    My store has been closed yesterday because of appointments. Happy to be back today.🥳
    I think we are still stuck in a range but if DXY holds above 107, we should get a drop. N60(D5-N90-U5) S50.
    I really like YFII. It had a strong 6 months. I would love to buy it under 1k. Thank you Ken and Kate 🙏. Cheers KS family 👋😃🌄🦅.

  3. BORSOG code: U50-(D0-N10-U90)-S25.
    Where do you think crypto total cap will go and why? Immediate term DXY and bond yields are bouncing off support putting downward pressure on crypto cap. The 2 year gained support on a weekly down line but looking like an SA. Could be magnetised to the 4.351% lower support. Currently at 4.432%.

  4. The DXY is still under daily resistance. May stage a rally to challenge 106.288. Gaining that 106.673 would be the next level of resistance. Currently at 105.838, above support. Looking across at the overall market seems to be tentatively positive unless we get a VIX spike. Probably now and at the start of next week would see a positive bias for total crypto cap.
    What’s your favourite crypto? The one I’m in sync with. Which at the moment is none. I’m sure this merely a temporary situation solved through acquiring more skill adding more dedication, persistence, patience and courage.

  5. What do you find useful about KS zone analysis? Helps to stay calm when confronting those in the blame zone. Helps to stay rational when others are getting angry. Keeps me cheerful under adverse conditions knowing I’m going through a live promotion, seeking out those relevant positive excellence attributes I may bring forward to calm an interaction with others or in fact Mister Market. Have a positive excellent weekend KS family. Love to all.

  6. KS zone analysis is the roadmap from a retail to a smart money mindset. Analysing zones 1&2 reminds me of the times I spent in these zones and ensures I don't repeat mistakes. Only when you overcome these zones can you find the headspace to progress in zones 3&4. Ken's daily breakdown of zones provide guidance and reminders, one of the reasons I find the daily videos so valuable.

    Happy weekend, KS Fam!

    N70 (D20-N70-U10) S65

  7. Hi everyone
    10:55 I think BTC is going up before eventually reach 13.9k mark since the recent volume are really low and the VIX is way too supressed
    18:55 KS zones analysis showed me that I did not do the wrong thing, I was just going through the very steps that most people had to deal with to success, and that I can make it in the end with commitment
    – I think today is going to be U40 (D20-N10-U70) S30

  8. Happy Friday Ken, Kate & KS Family!
    I hope all the US Fam our enjoying the Thanksgiving period.
    Where do we think BTC is going? I think we BTC go up. We have approx. 1bn options expiring today with max pain at 18k. The past few end of month options expiry haven't worked out too well for the option writers, but with the over extension to the downside and overall negative sentiment at the moment, plus the weaker DXY, it might be time for a bit of mean reversion and some green candle action!

  9. I'm expecting crypto to go a bit sideways in the immediate future, but I'm ready to be proved wrong.
    D55 (D50-N5-U45) S10

  10. My Comments, Nov 24, 2022

    Good evening, Ken, Kate, and our KS Family. My BORSOG Code for the next 24hrs N35 (D250N50U25) S61. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  11. I ain’t Caroline, and I sure as heck won’t date SBF!!! Lol Happy turkey 🦃 day American friends, so thankful for our global 🌎 CTKS family …. D 60. (D D 40 N 40 U 20) S 55

  12. Thank you Ken.
    THe KS-Zone-analysis gives us a shared mental framework to identify and communicate about states of mind pertinent to trading. That's what I like about it the most.

  13. And of course thank you, Ken! And good morning everyone!
    Ken with an early video signals that there is no major news which he needed to spend hours processing for us 😊

  14. U – 30 30 40 S15

    I think we might see an effort to close the daily candle above 16500. That battle might be lost but I think it will be a battle over the next hour. And I think if we close above that mark, we can see some positive momentum on price.
    Wild speculation.

  15. U40(D0-N80-U20)S45 I think the positive vibes from thanksgiving holidays might’ve contributed to todays upwards momentum (and the lack of new contagion news). So maybe that might continue a bit more into tomorrow. By the way, thanksgiving is a day for reflecting on the blessings in our lives and being grateful for all that we have. I wish everyone a happy thanksgiving as I’m about to dig into this gigantic turkey (celebrating thanksgiving with some American friends).

  16. Did I just hear a crypto called “immutable x” in the greatest losers list? Wow. My ex was impossible to mute. Did my ex get tokenised 😮?

  17. Hi Ken and Kate, and KS fam..I really appreciate the not focusing on money in the KS zone analysis and especially the rules that apply for me to behave as a better person each and every day..

  18. Thank you Ken, for your continuous care, education and support, for your dedication to improve our life and make this world nicer and more comfortable place promoting positive excellence, truth, and honesty. I wish you, amazing and supportive Kate, and lovely KS Family beautiful weekend. 🤗💝🌻🙏🌞

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