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  1. Even if we have nothing, we can be grateful for life; for living in a world with remarkable healthcare undreamt of even a generation ago and (for more and more of the world) food security, even if we moan about the recent increases.

    Perhaps the human ability for hope is also something to be grateful for, as hope can guide us to a better world. 'In hope, we are saved'.

    Very low viewership on this video – must be something to do with the football.

  2. Where would we all be without Kate- she is wonderful and awesome – Thank you Kate we appreciate you. 🤎🥰

  3. Having Gratitude is insanely powerful, I find the best moments in life occur in a place of gratitude. N60 (D60 N40 U0) S20

  4. Thanks Ken – grateful every day for all your efforts.

    It’s impossible to hold gratitude and negativity in the mind at the same time – always found that fact very powerful.

    N (D30-N45-U25) S45

  5. Hi Ken and CTKS Familly,

    I really love those weekeends that are full of informations like the video from yesterday but I love more the ones when BTC is moving sideways as we have the time to speak and discover your beautiful soul!

    I am grateful that I found you and I am part of this amazing community!
    I am grateful for waking up healthy every single day.
    I am grateful for your daily video because It's a daily gift!

    Hope everyone have a wonderful weekend!

    N80 (U20 N60 D20)

  6. Awesome video Ken 💎. D60(D5-N90-U5) S50. I love when you said "it's not happiness that brings us gratitude, but it is gratitude that brings us happiness " 💎❤️. This is so true 💯. I love the example of the donut because contentement opens the way for gratitude to blossom. Giving thanks + counting blessings is a wonderful habit. Gratitude is not only for the good times but also the bad. Some situations can be very tough but cultivating a grateful heart will prevent any bitterness from taking root. It is a superpower to be able to give thanks though any and all circumstances. I am so very grateful for the KS 3 family 🤗🙏. You are the best and your light shines very bright 🌞🌄🦅

  7. Thanks Ken!

    At night, I love to express gratitude for the day behind us, with hope that we can do it all again tomorrow, as tomorrow is never guaranteed. Grateful we can share another beautiful day on this earth!

    N70 (D20-N70-U10) S65

  8. Hey KS² and fam! Lets Run The Numbers!
    I hope everyone is, and has had a fantastic weekend!
    D45 (D5 N90 U5) S40

    Gratitude shows us how much we are blessed.
    Starting the day with gratitude sets the tone for the rest of the day.
    Doing this every day genuinely, consistently compounds your happiness.
    Gratitude, appreciation and happiness become a habit and apart of your every day life.

    There are far, far too many things I am grateful for to list here. A worthy mention is KS² and the CTKS family/community/masterclass and fellow ambassadors. The amount of good Ken is doing with the masterclass and this channel can be seen in every comment section/community post. We have one of the best crypto communities on this planet!
    Take care, keep smiling

  9. Gratitude reduces stress and makes you more content and happier with all the wonderful things that you already have.
    Another sideways day incoming? D50 (D45-N10-U45) S10

  10. Hi Ken and KS Family,
    to be grateful means to acknowledge somethings presence, to accept it respectfully and to take it for what it is. You cannot just have the beauty of a rose without living with it's thorns.🌹So is the market…
    So beeing present plays a big role in beeing thankful. I'm very thankful to be here with all of you and to learn every day. Positive affirmations are the key our success in life. I suggest highly "Money and the Law of Attraction" from Esther and Jerry Hicks (no, they didn't pay me. 😉😃
    For monday D65-(D60-N10-U30) S80 🦅Have a great sunday!!

  11. BORSOG code: U45-(D0-N10-U90)-S25.
    Gratitude. I’m grateful for being here with you Ken and Kate, and all the dedicated community coming here every day. It surely is the highlight of my daily routine. Such wisdom shared here. Grateful for the Master Class, learning the way of a professional trader and investor and most importantly an improved human. I’m grateful for a home to live in with a great friends here and abroad. So fortunate. Thank you all have a beautiful weekend.

  12. I forgot the code for today, was getting ahead of myself, I think we would see more crabs, N50 D10-N70-U20 S40

  13. Thank you grandmaster Ken & Kate, yesterday's episode definitely brought a lot of positivity to the outlook on the future, very much appreciated.
    Gratitude, focusing on things in the present kills jealousy, reduces the negativity that I could have brought to people around me when craving for the things that I don't have and improves my emotional state.
    I'm grateful of the choices that led me here and made me commit and dedicate to the CTKS technique and the CTKS family.
    The DXY have crossed its initial resistance, I think we should expect a bounce, so Monday is looking red imo, D50 (D70-N10-U20) S40

  14. Thanks for another great video Ken🦅🦅 and Kate🦅🦅and thank you for your kind words!
    N45 (D15 N70 U15) S40
    Gratitude is my favorite piece of the Positive Excellence formula. As such, I’m grateful for so many blessings in my life…

  15. Gratitude Part 2: Gratitude reminds us that life is not just about ourselves. If you’re solely focused on what you will get out of an activity (eg: focusing only on money for investing/trading), then you may be missing out on a large part of the satisfaction of doing it. However, if your purpose is aimed at a larger value in your life (eg: caring for others, joy of learning, security, etc), then the satisfaction from the activity is richer and deeper. When you’re grateful, you focus more on the good things that happen because of the work you do.

    Or, as I like to say, gratitude is gratefulness with attitude!

  16. Gratitude Part 1: Regarding gratitude, I think its an appropriate topic so soon after Thanksgiving – a day for giving thanks for our blessings during the year.

    The benefits of gratitude are well-documented. Research shows that grateful people are more healthy, hopeful, empathetic and resilient. They tend to sleep better and have greater self-esteem.

  17. N55(D5-N90-U5)S60 I think we’re likely to go nowhere for the remainder of the weekend, as everyone is either working off a big Thanksgiving hangover or captivated by the World Cup. Vamos Argentina!

  18. Gratefulness- I believe this very thing helps me stay positive and puts everything in perspective. My husband and I were talking about this a few hours ago. We were talking about the future and naming off everything we are grateful for today. Mostly, we are grateful for each other and our two boys. Health, jobs that bring financial security, loving our community, having family that is present and genuinely cares. The list could go on and on even to the most minute of things you could think of being grateful for.
    I think we may go sideways/ consolidate and move upwards in the next few days. U65D0N70U30 sync 55.

  19. My Comments, Nov 26, 2022

    Good evening, Ken, Kate, and our KS Family. My BORSOG Code for the next 24hrs N35 (D25N50U25) S63.

  20. I like what you say about not letting something beat you. in a similar vein, during high school I was told I'd "never make it in economics", so ,my response was to go out and earn an economics degree – I turned out to be an A student in Economics. I love using others doubt as fuel for fire. You gotta find a way to be like "Oh yeah? Watch *this*" with challenges, I guess that's one thing that sets me off lol. I hope people express more doubt about me !

  21. Sorry Ken and KS Fam I meant to say Zone 1 & 2 not 3 & 4. Getting a bit muddle there. 🤔🙄😵‍💫N70 D15 N70 U5 S45

  22. Gratitude Ken, Kate and the KS Family. Nice short and sharp video todeo, ideal just before the bedtime.
    D55 (D30-N30-U40) S60
    Gratitude is something I would say to someone when there are no words to describe how much you appreociate the other person's contribution, dedication, wisdom and/or honesty.

  23. Thank you, Ken and Kate for this precious Sunday gift! 🙏🏆🌻 Wishing everyone love and blessings! 🍀🌻💝

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