How to add ERC-20 tokens to Stargazer Wallet – Tutorial

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Constellation’s Stargazer Wallet for desktop and mobile now supports all ERC20 tokens so you can hold, send, receive, and buy hundreds of additional tokens.

Stargazer has integrated ERC20 support from Coingecko’s extensive list of ERC20 tokens. To access the list, click “manage tokens” at the bottom of the wallet home screen, and you can select the tokens you’d like to include (or exclude) by toggling the on/off switch.

If a token does not appear on the list, simply click the plus sign (+) at the top right of the “Manage Tokens” screen, and you’ll be taken to the “Add Custom Token” screen. Here you can add the contract address for the new token, which will auto-fill its information, and you may add it to your list.

Important Note: please be aware that anyone can create a custom token, including fake versions of existing tokens. To avoid security risks, make sure the token you’re adding is verified.

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  1. Any news about wallet connect? I would love to be able to connect this wallet with dapps , also nft integration will be good for bep20 and also erc20

  2. Why would I add my erc 20 token to a browser add on over a ledger hardwallet

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