How To Read Candlesticks Chart? Cryptocurrency Trading For Beginners!

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Before you start day trading crypto, you need learn how to read candlesticks chart. A candlestick chart reflects a given time period and provides information on the price’s open, high, low, and close during that time. Each candlestick symbolizes a different period. Master the basics of reading the chart and identifying bullish and bearish candle to up your trading game!

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00:00 What is a candlestick chart?
00:46 Reading candlesticks
01:31 Types of candlestick patterns
05:21 Sum up what we learnt

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  1. Thanks for sharing this here, I'm a newbie in cryptocurrency, I have been making huge losses but recently I see a lot of people earning from it. Please can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong

  2. Thanks for the info; however, you talk too fast and your bullet points move to fast you can't read them ;-( so this vídeo was ineffective video for people like myself –slow it down!!!

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  4. Thanks for the explanation. However I still don't understand how an engulfing candle happens. Isn't the opening part of a candle always adjacent to the close of the previous candle? How can an engulfing candle occur??

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  8. Yeah!! What she said. Awesome, just awesome… I love it. And her, and my coingecko!!

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