How To Videos Access Plug Chain39s DAPPs Android Guide

How To Videos – Access Plug Chain's DAPPs (Android Guide)

YouTube video

Step by step guide on accessing Plug Chain DAPP using android wallet.

Important gateway to access Plug Chain’s ecosystem!

What DApps will you like to use on Plug Chain?
(NFT Marketplace)

Leave your comments below!

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An open-source layer 0 blockchain with a low gas fee & high performance.
Developed for cross-chain use, our tech community is mostly based in Asia.
It is easy for developers to create tokens, stake pools, airdrops, and other DAPPs by using little $PLUGCN tokens as gas fees.
Data can move instantly between blockchains with Plug Chain, making it one of the most powerful layer 0 blockchain solutions to utilize.

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  1. How to build my project on plug chain? Will you guys get developers to help me build?

  2. When list binance?

  3. How can I join plug chain team?


    What other plans you guys have?

  5. Will you list on kucoin?

  6. Nft will be PlugCN as gas too?

  7. Zamanlı Reyiz 2

    Nft marketplace

  8. Please fix Cosmo wallet there are too many problems

  9. Twist Yazılım

    When you will launch another giveaway? I'm waiting

  10. Please launch dex because cex cheating, deposit not received.

  11. Great project

  12. Amazing, thanks for the tutorial

  13. Hiburan.Semata

    DEX please

  14. BlogSpot Oynuyoruz

    What are the current nft projects that are built on plug chain?

  15. Outdoor Kitchen Secrets with Nouman Khan

    What use will nft marketplace for Plug chain?

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