Is the bottom in? Plus what else is peaking!

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DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this video is for informational and educational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses a considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.

00:00 Introduction
00:45 SBF States BTC is not a Payments Network
01:31 Again, Mainstream Media Headline SPIN
02:15 ETH vs BTC This Bear Market
03:26 Bitcoin Undervalued vis a vis Cell S Curve
04:33 7 Weekly Red Candles – Contagion Done!
05:30 Less Scientific Bottom Indicator
05:58 Peak Fear Bottomed at 10!
06:46 Record Weekly Inflows Last Week BTFD
07:22 Hawkishness Peak
09:58 Blackrocks Rick Rieder – Says End is Nigh
11:11 HODL Strength at ATH
12:00 SCP Watch
12:56 Distance from ATH
13:27 Silence of the Lambs
14:27 Another Algo SC Bites the Dust
14:45 Fantom’s DEI De-pegged
15:08 DEI’s Stability Mechanics
15:31 Fantom Smashed
16:00 Strong Dollar Illustrated
16:40 Why is the Dollar So Strong?
17:17 PSA: Metamask Phishing Attack
18:20 Famine Coming – World Needs to Prepare NOW


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  1. Thank you James. I love learning about the news and indicators, metcalfs, “deep value territory”and quantitative tightening”. Always learning- much appreciated! 👔👍

  2. James, you never cease to amaze me while teaching. I hope that one day you too know how many people you have helped to keep their homes and families. God bless you! And you are right about how sad it is about the coming famine…already underway.

  3. Just popped onto Crypto Banter as one of the guys was on your video the other day and I thought I'd check them out. Wow! I'm sticking with you James. Far more calm and level headed. It's like information overload on Banter – my 48 year old brain can't take it!! lol

  4. No offense, but you've been asking the question for like 4 months now. And everytime you do come up with an answer, you say we're there. Well, eventually you'll be right. Just be aware of your bias

  5. Last bear market was 12 red candles before turning green so the 7th red this time isnt necessarily the last!

  6. Great video as always. Be good to hear from Novo re Luna. Did he get out or stay in. Is he keeping his tattoo 🤔🤔

  7. No one is 100% giving up on crypto which is indicative how grinding, slow, and full of hope this bear will be. Very few are willing to admit that what happened in previous bears can happen again or worse minding all the increased retail popularity. I lived and traded through the 2000-2003, 2006-2009, 2014 btc, 2018-2020 btc/eth. My emotional recall of despair, disappointment, and anger lasted many months. Heads up, get a hobby or second job or go on vacay and completely disconnect from crypto regardless if you hold through or sell. Just pls DON'T sell at the bottom!

  8. Another great formative video thank you so much for taking the time and effort to do them

  9. Notice both Ran and CTO have click bait LUNA video titles. After leading the way for his followers, with an 80% allocation to LUNA and many times recommending the ANC 20% yield as a great place to park your money, Ran now is giving advice on why the new luna will fail … what a joke. He couldn’t figure it out before, but suddenly he is the expert again. James pls do your research and go back to watch some of the biggest moon-boy baloney vids he made with “the sniper”. It literally is the opposite of what you preach. Just sayin …

  10. Sounds more to me like SBF didn't mention Lightning because his vested interest is having FTX become one of the largest validators on earth for POS protocols, and he can't be a Cantillionaire by advocating for BTC.

  11. James is hands down one of the smartest and kindest human beings in this space. He constantly delivers a huge amount of high-value content in his videos. Thank you, James!

  12. james can you do a video on SigmaUSD? its based on the ageUSD protocol. Its Ergo's stable coin. Djed(Cardano stablecoin, later this year) will use the same protocol. Ergo's stable coin has actually held its peg perfectly despite Ergo dropping all the way to down $2.5 per coin. Id love to hear your take on this as its looking very promising

  13. I listen on my laptop. I cannot connect external speakers. I can barely hear you when the volume is at max. Why is it so hard to record at a higher level when other videos can?

  14. Great video, as usual, James!! Thanks for doing the heavy lifting for us!!!

  15. Gareth Soloway is the best and he was the only one saying the Bitcoin will crash back when Bitcoin was around 48k.
    He still believes that Bitcoin will go as low as $20k or even lower!!
    Look him up and thank me later!


  17. I thought dot and chain link were layer 0. Because they dealt with security. Btc eth and the like layer 1.

  18. Peter Schiff is a joke lol!
    I also send him his old BTC calls on Twitter of not buying above $3800 2 years ago whenever he has a bearish tweet 🤣

  19. So Luna & UST are just swept under the RUG PULL then? 🙄 Been hearing this Hopium since December now. Sooner or later the Hopium has gotta pan out, right? The broken clock is always right twice a say, thing…. if only Crypto content creators were right 2x a day as well.

  20. At 15:30, James mentioned stock price when bringing up the Fantom chart. Was this deliberate or just a slip?

  21. Do you think that if the NASDAQ drops precipitously again it will bring crypto down with it

  22. This is a local bottom, one more leg down to find our cycle bottom then bull run early next year

  23. You should really do a post mortem on Terra Luna and where you went wrong on your deep dive so we all can learn from this

  24. Crypto supporters-trailblazers CANNOT GO RADIO SILENT when IT hits the fan!!!


    Novogratz should take a PR course. SHOW YOUR FACE! RALLY THE TROOPS !


    As much as you “dislike” C.H. from Cardano, James, you gotta say the guy is RIGHT THERE FRONT and CENTER everytime the crypto market pukes…

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