Metis Wisdom Happy Hours Barcelona ft Chainlink amp AAVE

Metis Wisdom Happy Hours Barcelona! ft. Chainlink & AAVE

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Metis Wisdom Happy Hours Barcelona! ft. Chainlink & AAVE

What is MetisDAO?

Metis aims to revolutionize how people and businesses collaborate using blockchain technology.

However, layer 1 solutions such as Ethereum are struggling with high gas costs and low throughput. To achieve sophisticated collaborative outcomes and successfully deploy a framework that involves many on-chain operations requiring timely responses, a layer 2 solution is needed for Metis to achieve its mission.

This paper proposes a new construct — an optimistic rollup Layer 2 solution that provides both efficiency and flexibility, addressing many of the existing layer 2 solutions’ problems.

Metis Virtual Machine (MVM) is the foundational must-have component needed to revolutionize the way people and organizations collaborate collectively and transparently in the future.

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MetisDAO’s Goals:

To accelerate the transition of people to blockchain for open, fair, and decentralized business on Web 3.0.

To create an easy-to-use technical and organizational platform, making blockchain accessible to everyone, empowering both personal and professional lives.

Metis is a decentralized economy platform to start, run, and grow any decentralized app, business, and community on the blockchain with ease and scalability.

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