Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake: What's Better? | 3-min crypto

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Cryptocurrencies are validated through consensus mechanisms. These mechanisms are put in place to ‘validate’ instructions on the blockchain.

This video will look into two different consensus mechanisms; Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. Let’s see how they stack up against one another!

Links Mentioned:
Proof of Work:
Proof of Stake:

00:00 Intro
00:54 Proof of Work
01:20 The shortcomings-Proof of Work
02:17 Proof of Stake
03:02 The shortcomings- Proof of Stake
03:39 Which one is your favourite?

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  1. Let the free market decide which cryptos are the best, not governments or corporations

  2. Personally I think POS is a little bit of a con unless it has something in place to guard against whale manipulation.. otherwise it's just the richest people being able to collude and take over a network. Yes this can kinda happen with pow, but it's much harder and more complicated.

  3. LOL at the PoW maximalists being ignorant about the fact that bitcoin mining is extremely centralised and controlled by the ✨ Rich ✨ hint 🇨🇳

  4. PoW falls into the hands of the most powerful and wealthy as well, as mining difficulty increases, only the largest mining operations and pools can afford to continue mining.

  5. Opinions ruin truth.
    I hate when big companies try to get us to argue over a topic they think is opinionated and yet there is actually a logically truthful answer.
    POS means, the rich get and stay richer.
    Proof of work literally means to show your work ethic and score based off of that.
    Harder workers and smarter workers get paid more……
    That is literally the only acceptable answer.
    Everything else is a opinionated piece and deserves no extra credit.

  6. Anyone advocating for PROOFofSTAKE is either naive, ignorant or straight up foolish…

  7. Examples of consensus mechanisms include nakamoto consensus, classical consensus and Avalanche consensus.

    Examples of sybil defense mechanisms include proof of work and proof of stake.

  8. Proof of Work. Otherwise my investment is going to be one giant paperweight

  9. Proof of work/proof of stake are not consensus mechanisms. This is a misunderstanding commonly repeated by crypto enthusiasts. Proof of work/stake are in fact sybil defense mechanisms.

    Bitcoin uses nakamoto consensus, which is that the longest chain is the correct chain. Proof of work is just the anti sybil mechanism that prevents network participants from producing blocks without proof that they control some economically valuable resource. In Bitcoin's case this economically valuable resource is compute power. For proof of stake networks the economically valuable resource they use to prevent sybil attacks is their own network token. This means that if you want to mint new coins you first have to have a stake in the network. While to mine new bitcoins you do not need have any stake in bitcoin – you simply need some compute power.

  10. Pow for ever everyone who says something different need to take a look at the decentralized aspect of it. If it's pos it's mostly centralized AF that's why I love to see eth fail in there pos system. Mining for tha win.

  11. Bitcoin PoW for layer 1 and Lightning network PoS for layer 2. It's that simple. No shitcoins needed.

  12. Майнинг от 60-120% годовых . PoW
    Валидаторы имеют 12-18% годовых PoS
    На сколько надо быть отсталым чтоб бабки на PoS отправить

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