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Join us for the weekly AMA in the RFOX VALT. Luke Fairbank takes us through the launch of the NFT Marketplace. Give us a like and subscribe, and share our weekly updates!

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0:00 Intro

0:48 High level overview of the NFT Platform and Marketplace

2:05 What is an MVP?

3:06 What pain points does the marketplace solve?

4:12 Chains covered currently

4:31 How does it work in the RFOX VALT?

5:50 What features does the marketplace have currently?

7:30 How to get involved right now

8:04 Outro

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  1. Sounding like your scamming brother Luke, must run in the family kek.

  2. Thank you☝🏽for making me strong, for making me believe in myself, for letting me stand on my own, you really gave me a lot. Thank you for the investment profit🙏❤️🙏

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  4. Lenny you’re not just the ama guy… you’re also the big ass scary clown from maccas with hair like that!

  5. Loving the updates from with in the VALT, can't wait to see some more of the SHOPS inside and out.

  6. Looking sharp Luke. Lenny, those knees are freaking me out! Cool outfit though.

  7. Ese atuendo me vuelve loco CUMPUSSYY.Uno loco contigo y tienes ese cuerpo curvilíneo, hiciste un buen trabajo modelándolo también. También me gusta el último atuendo. Me encantas cómo los cinturones de liga se.

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