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_*Ultron Foundation_* is the first and only Layer-1 blockchain on the planet with its own native decentralized applications (dApps).*

*2. It’s not an idea, but already over 18 months of blockchain development, and the Ultron mainnet was launched on 01.06.2022.*

*3. Team of 30+ developers, over 9+ years of experience in leading blockchain development (Layer-1 as well).*

Join Daily Airdrop

*4. Ultron Foundation partnered up with the biggest NFT and METAVERSE development company – Devla GmbH, who did a part of the development for SandBox, Decentraland, OpenSea, etc.*

*5. Ultron is preparing the biggest NFT drop with celebrity tattoo artist Ivana Belakova aka IVANA TATTOO ART, the FIRST and ONLY woman in the world, whose art was recognized as contemporary fine art. She tattooed: Wiz Khalifa, Frank Kern, Mia Khalifa, Jason Derulo, Chris Brown, Rich the Kid, etc. and partnered with Louis Vuitton and other renowned brands.*

*6. Football manager METAVERSE is already in the development process.*

*7. Full – EcoSystem Layer-1 with over 20 native dApps and 100+ dApps from 3rd party developers in the next 24 months.*

*8. A leading blockchain development company that will become one of the top 5 largest companies by TVL (total value locked) Layer-1 chains by DeFi Llama.*

*9. Audited by Solidity Finance (US); CERTIK, and Hacken coming soon.*

*10. NinjaPromo takes care of the marketing (they also did it for PolkaDot, Fantom, OkEx exchange, etc.).*

*11. Product – Staking Hub NFT gives 5 years of passive staking rewards starting at 0.2% on a daily basis in ULX coins, with a yearly halving of rewards.*

*12. Ultron deployed Cross-chain bridges to the 5 biggest blockchains: Ethereum, Fantom, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.*

*13. BrightNode (CH) designed the WhitePaper and Tokenomics (they were also working for IBM HyperLedger, Algorand, UniSwap, OkEx, etc.).*

*14. Huge part of profits of native dApps are directly used to buy back ULX from the exchange and decrease the circulation supply (means increasing the price of the ULX).*

*15. Huge development incentive program to attract developers to come and build their applications on Ultron.*

*16. EVM compatibility – all applications from BSC, Avalance, Fantom, Polygon, and Ethereum can be directly deployed on Ultron, with almost zero development effort.*

*17. The biggest crypto lottery game coming on top of Ultron – 1 Million USDT guaranteed as a jackpot EVERY DAY.*


 MaVie Youtube 🟢

Ultron Foundation Youtube 🟣

Ultron Foundation Instagram 🟣

Mavie Global Instagram 🟢

Ultron Foundation Telegram 🟣

Mavie News&Updates Telegram 🟢

*(Marketing Affiliate Agency)*

*1. MaVie Global is the first affiliate company that has ever partnered up with Layer-1 blockchain.*

*2. MaVie built over 30 countries and 20.000 members from 4 continents in just 70 days.*



Pancakeswap – ULX Coin Smart Contract for BNB Smart chain
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Coin market cap website

Coingecko website

Live coin watch website

Messari Crypto Index

Tokeninsigh Crypto Index

Price in Binance

Price in Coinbase

Price in Crypto


ULTRON Mainnet setup

Network Name – Ultron mainnet


Chain ID – 1231

Currency Symbol – ULX

Block Explorer URL –


There are ten (10) different bonuses available for Mavie International affiliates.

This is a real business with a real product created by the Ultron Foundation that not only gives you a 5 year guaranteed source of passive daily rewards (0.2% perday) and a direct allocations of native layer 1 blockchain coins but also an amazing affiliate plan for those that want to turn this into a business.

1. Direct Bonus
2. Cash-back Bonus
3. Team Bonus (based on rank)
4. Matching Bonus (based on rank)
5. Career Bonus (based on rank)
6. Global Pool Bonus
7. Top Performer Pool Bonus
8. Reload Bonus
9. Hodl Pool Bonus
10. ULX Matching Bonus



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