USDT vs USDC: Which is The SAFEST Stablecoin?

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USDT and USDC are centralized stablecoins backed by the U.S.dollar, and they are the two largest players in the space based on market capitalization. These stablecoins are less volatile than native cryptocurrencies as they are pegged to national currencies, and provide traders with a store of value for their cryptocurrencies between trades.

But…is one better than the other in terms of price stability, reserves, regulation, and safety? We’ll explore all of these in this video so stick around to find out!


00:00 Intro
00:32 What are fiat-backed stablecoins?
02:39 Volume and Market Cap
03:39 Price Stability
04:22 Reserves
06:53 Regulation
07:22 Verdict??

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  1. GM Geckos! If you had to choose between these two stablecoins, which one would you go for? USDC or USDT? Let us know in the comments🔥

  2. Not once did you mention that USDC is backed by BlackRock. With that said, USDC will be the reigning stablecoin and Tether will implode in the near term.

  3. Don't linger in either USDT or USD because neither is really safe. And, Always store in cold wallet to extent you can (no limit orders pending at exchange) Only use for trading as needed. Both are based on worthless first paper backed by nothing and about to be replaced by CDBDCs which is the beginning of end. Get into BTC when it dips below $10k and stay put.

  4. Don't forget, Tether depegged to only .95 cents at some exchange during the Luna fiasco in May of 2022 which is yet nother good example why it is not reliable.

  5. How or why would market cap dictate security? It does not. It may suggest more people have concluded it is a safer stable coin which may explain a higher cap, but that's a presumption not based on fact. We already KNOW USDT lied about USD backing and paid millions in fines as a result.

  6. You're intelligent and beautiful! 😉 Great info I've wanted to know about for some time now. Fire me, USDC is clearly the winner… the safer stable coin. That was my gut feeling even before watching. How can we be sure either is truly backed dollar for dollar? Thanks so much!!! Great job! 👍

  7. USDT could collapse at any moment because it's not fully backed (in a very fishy way, because it's almost illegal), so USDC is the easy choice here

  8. Use CEX to buy BTC and store it in cold wallet. Remember, if it's not your keys, it's not yours. Keep your seed phrase secured, and check back in 5 years.

  9. None of them is safe because they can be frozen. Go with DAI or BUSD if you want to be safe.

  10. Milhares de pessoas pelo mundo falam apenas português deveriam ter uma versão destes vídeos em nossa língua

  11. The paper money has no real value just trust in the corrupt centralized system

    Silver and gold has real value

    Stable coins pegged are programmable and a digit tool for controlling everyone's finance/money

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