Why I Love DRIP Network & Airdrop News!

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First, thank you for pushing my tiny channel up over 200 subs in a short time! I appreciate you all. Here’s to growing together in Defi! Cheers!

I discuss why I love the Drip Network and upcoming changes to growing my team, including weekly airdrops.

Massive shoutout to: @Crypto_Fergie / @CRYPTOMARC7 and @Unmadesugar Defi – keep going, strong guys!

Get started in DRIP and join my team below! As mentioned in the video, when you join my team, you’ll be eligible to receive a weekly airdrop of up to 10% of my daily claim!

My DRIP Referal Link:
Our Buddy ID: 0xdB2656D7Fb4574bC1aA98d0Bd8865608852D1B95

Join Daily Airdrop

This DRIP Walkthrough will show you how to get started in DRIP with no experience. All links mentioned in the video are listed below in step-by-step format. If you have any questions — just ask!

Get Metamask Here:

Have Smart Chain Network Set Up On Metmask (takes about 30 seconds):

Start by going to the DRIP Network Website:

Step 1: Send BNB To Metmask (ensure you send enough for 10 DRIP tokens). Also, have at least an extra .15 or so BNB for fees.

Step 2: Swap BNB For Drip:

Step 3: Step 4: Deposit Drip into the faucet. You need a buddy, so make sure to enter my buddy ID: 0xdB2656D7Fb4574bC1aA98d0Bd8865608852D1B95

That’s all you need to do to get started!

Reminder: If you have below 30 DRIP hydrate (compound) 1 time per week. If you have 50+ DRIP tokens, hydrate 2 times per week. If you have over 100 DRIP – hydrate daily.

Coingecko BNB Listing:
Coingecko Drip Listing:

Join us on Twitter:

If you have questions about DRIP, just ask in the comments, and we’ll do our best to answer them; this is especially true if you’re setting up DRIP for the first time – no question is silly – just ask! We want to help you get started earning daily with us!

Reminder: This is not financial advice. Only invest what you can afford to lose and always do your own research.


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  1. I watched your video on Horde and it brought me to your Drip video. I might be interested in joining your drip team, but i have some more questions. Do you have social media we can communicate through instead of youtube? I am not a big fan of communicating through youtube. Thanks.

  2. Started to watch more, if Crypto_Fergie is watching it, I gotta watch it! Congrats to the 200 as well broski. Your video content is inspiring, Keep Drippin the TRUTH!!!

  3. FTA brother 💧👑🚀💵😎 congratulations on the breaking 200 subs appreciate the shout out 😎

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