Amazon AMZxxx Crypto Token Is A SCAM! Do NOT get RUGPULLED! Posting Using Fake Coinmarketcap Account

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In this video we find an old scam that is being brought back to life this week. There are bots in the comments section of major crypto channels talking about the AMZ token, do not fall for this scam again! If you look they are also posting under a fake coinmarketcap account, that is NOT the real coinmarketcap youtube channel! I am keeping tabs on these scammers! 8 months ago we saw this for the scam it was, and there were a ton of videos about AMZ token or Amazon token launching. These are all fake, and WILL take your money! Remember I will never tell you to whatsapp or telegram in the comments, if you want to talk to me go to my discord linked below!

They change the name daily so I will put them in the description below. Dont fall for this crap!

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  1. I dint fall for the scam. But anyway i kinda wonna find out who the guy is on the video, Promoting this scam. anyone got an idea how to ?
    Kinda ballsy for him to show his ugly face to the world. If i had get scammed by them i would make it my life mission to find and toture him.

  2. Amzft2 there is a presale right now. Never heard of the 1$ per token at presale at 300 billion supply it doent seem right.

  3. Thank you so much for this video, I was also very suspicious and after doing some more research discovered it was indeed a scam. Be careful guys!

  4. They back at it good collab back to back type shit I hope they got more heat like this comin🔥❤💯🅿️🐏

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