AMC23TX AMC35TX: Amazon launching their new crypto, can this reverse the market? BREAKING NEWS!!

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Amazon has announced in the pre-investor groups that they will launch AMZ on all places starting with the shop and their own Amazonwallet. Amazon crypto will be a significant change to the game as it is the first major coin to be used on merchant-products.
Amazon plans to outperform Bitcoin and Ethereum based projects with the new AMZ release when it will be integrated in their online shop and services, providing actual value to a digital asset.

Can such a token reverse the current market?

Watch the video to learn all the early available information to AMZ and how it will be integrated. Use the link above to get an early CoinMarketCap exclusive bonus when you join into the pre-investor program.


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  2. AMZ is here for the long-term. Getting in early is one of the very few things where I would be pretty sure on 20-100X even this year still. And usually you can't ever make an estimate like this but what could go wrong on this thing?

  3. Amazon is so innovative with this token. i’m getting in while it's early. thanks james

  4. Thank goodness I didn't miss this opportunity. I just swap my btc and received 26K in amz. thank you.

  5. Never been so proud of an investment. Jeff has a real vision,I’ll buy more Amzn token.

  6. Thank you again for your insights; I just purchased $4,000 worth of Amazon for long-term holding.

  7. Meanwhile ETH makes excuses…I doubt the staking returns will be that high, I'm expecting 6%.

  8. At this juncture, consider me ALL IN… Keep doin YOU James; a wonderful piece of history to not only witness,

  9. Amz is completely owned by Amazon; it simply ran an early pre-sale. I purchased around $30k in amz today and have it safely stored in my trezor see you in 5 years✌️.

  10. I honestly think Amz is the safest bet for long term hold, and will survive out of every other altcoins. It will get adopted in US, Ecuador, Asia, starting from Japan, and slowly spread out and gain. This is a winning coin, apart from all the technical greatness.

  11. I filled my bag as much as I could! I heard you and I soooo appreciate the amount of work, and effort thanks.

  12. I actually just bought $27000 of AMZ not too long ago because I felt it would start climbing. Up around $5650 already because of this recent run up. Just bought more at less than $1

  13. Prior to paying $14k, I did some research. It's real, guys, just an early pre-sale before public say. It's a blessing in disguise that we're in this position.

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