AMS1000X AMTR4 – Breaking news: AMAZON joins Crypto pre-launch REVEALED (Must watch!)

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Amazon has announced in the pre-investor groups that they will launch AMZ on all places starting with the shop and their own Amazonwallet. Amazon crypto will be a significant change to the game as it is the first major coin to be used on merchant-products.
Amazon plans to outperform Bitcoin and Ethereum based projects with the new AMZ release when it will be integrated in their online shop and services, providing actual value to a digital asset.

Watch the video to learn all the early available information to AMZ and how it will be integrated. Use the link above to get an early CoinMarketCap exclusive bonus when you join into the pre-investor program.

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  1. Like some of you, I was skeptical about this video, but if it was a scam, they wouldn't let me sell to Bitcoin and withdraw. This is legitimate. simply invest what you can afford to lose. I flipped 2.0 eth and transferred it back to my coinbase wallet.

  2. This is the real thing in case you wonder cus some friends ask me this all the time they can't believe it. But I got the AMZ

  3. This is huge because never has a brand that big announced a crypto coin yet and this will make a huge move to the mainstream area as well!

  4. Can confirm that they gave me wallet access and loaded AMZ tokens on it. It is important to know that you get their app directly on the page and don't download it before

  5. Anyone who isn't hasn't been bullish after this mind blowing campaign should be mopping floors somewhere. They will never get it. All the money is made NOW!

  6. So we all thought the ETH Merge is doing something and now look at the markets. I am so happy that AMZ IS doing something for real. We need utility and vision with a token and not just random name and gambling… Honestly AMZ is the first of its kind in that aspect.

  7. I love the energy and efforts you always put in your videos. The crypto market can be very tricky especially for newbies.

  8. Right now it's valued at 1 USD which is just too cheap for this coin and the meaning behind it. Look at the stock and then think again, sure we can reach 10% of that marketcap?

  9. Amz STILL feeling BULLISH….Amz feeling very very BLESSED…KEEP IT COMING GUY'S CUS YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!!

  10. Couldn't agree more. And yes for now ETH still has the network effect. But remember; this isn't a sprint, but a marathon.

  11. I've studied the Amz token project for 14 months now. I'll be an active investor and life long participant in this ecosystem.

  12. Thank you for posting this video. Also, thanks to you, I got into AMZ and I plan to hold

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