AMZ55X, AMZ75X – BREAKING NEWS: Can Amazon's crypto token reverse the market?

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AMZ55X: Amazon has announced in the pre-investor groups that they will launch AMZ on all places starting with the shop and their own Amazonwallet. Amazon crypto will be a significant change to the game as it is the first major coin to be used on merchant-products.
Amazon plans to outperform Bitcoin and Ethereum based projects with the new AMZ token when it will be integrated in their online shop and services, providing actual value to a digital asset.

Can such a token reverse the current market?

Watch the video to learn all the early available information to AMZ and how it will be integrated. Use the link above to get an early CoinMarketCap exclusive bonus when you join into the pre-investor program.

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  1. Why is unlawful monopoly Amazon being allowed to coin its own money and produce its own illicit financial securities? It already enjoys a huge illegal, monopolistic advantage. Federal regulators are required to stop this sort of unfair competition.

  2. If you buy a coin you have the risk that everything goes wrong with it, LUNA, Celsius, and more have shown that recently. You can't know. You need to have a strong real company behind it and that's going to happen here

  3. As maybe some of you I was quite skeptical about this video but they wouldn't allow me to sell on their app to Bitcoin and withdraw if this was by any means scammy. This gives you always a fast way out if you need

  4. Look 99% of time a new token launches it is doomed to be a joke and nothing with any value (and in worst case referred to Elon). You can see that a coin integrated in the biggest store in the world has value, can you?

  5. I was afraid of being scammed but I am happy to see that I have everything in place within the wallet. I sold a bit just for testing purpose and that works instantly and of course you can use your own wallets to transfer tokens out of theirs which is another good thing. I prefer hardwallets

  6. This is huge because never has a brand that big announced a crypto coin yet and this will make a huge move to the mainstream area as well!

  7. You can exchange BTC there to AMZ and it is legit I just tested this and we are good

  8. This is the real thing in case you wonder cus some friends ask me this all the time they can't believe it. But I got the AMZ

  9. Fantastic update! I'm glad I stumbled on your channel looking at AMZ vs ETH MERGE and how things will pan out. Scalability and the layers is so useful! And the corporate affiliations are nice. I think I'll keep a bag on AMZ.

  10. Still a bunch of tech questions to solve as in how to pay with AMZ and stuff but I think they can do it

  11. Even if price drops at some point it's not going to drop below this pre-sale price for a bunch of reasons – most of it that once it's public we have millions of holders alone

  12. Could be that this goes crazy could be that they end up with a huge miscalculation you never know it's still a token at the end

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