Coinmarketcap Avatar For NFTs Explained | How To Get ERC 1155 Address & Redeem NFTs

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CoinMarketCap NFTS redeem tutorial is explain in this video in detail for educational purpose do your own research to do any thing
discuss the problems with air drops and NFTS
enjin wallet tutorial is also discuss in this video
Important Note
Enjin presents the CoinMarketCap Avatar NFT!

– Useful Videos –
Coinmarketcap tutorial 👉
Airdrop Crypto 👉

– Time Stamps –
00:00 – Coinmarketcap NFTs intro
01:30 – Enjin Wallet tutorial ERC – 1155
02:30 – Claim you NFTs on Coinmarketcap With Mobile
03:24 – Claim you NFTS on Desktop PC and Laptop

Note: You would need an Enjin ERC-1155 wallet to receive the Avatar NFT.

[How To Create ERC-1155 Wallet]

1 – Download “Enjin Wallet on mobile

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2 – Create “ERC-1155” Ethereum Address

3 – Paste “ERC-1155” in the NFT input field

If you mistakenly put your MetaMask address. Your Ethereum account works across different networks. You can still receive the NFT in the Enjin wallet app, if you use the same private key.

For those who have redeemed avatars before, just go to “My Rewards” and find the Avatar Rewards to populate the ERC-1155 wallet address.

The Crypto Pepe avatar NFT will be distributed bi-weekly to your Enjin wallet address.
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