CoinMarketCap Explained

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In this episode I cover the Top10 questions asked about CoinMarketCap.
These questions are:

1. What does Marketcap mean? – 01:08
2. What is a Circulating supply? – 02:06
3. What is a Fully Diluted Marketcap? – 06:57
4. What is the difference between Max and Total supply? – 09:00
5. How does Top Cryptocurrency Spot Exchanges ranking work on CoinMarketcap? – 10:55
6. What does volume mean and how does it work? – 16:28
7. What is the difference between CEX and DEX? -16:54
8. How does trending on coinmarketcap work – 20:15
9. How does an airdrop on CoinMarketCap work – 23:36
10. How does the rank on CoinMarketCap work – 26:16

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