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    CoinMarketCap Learn and Earn Quiz Answers


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    1. Celer cBridge is a protocol that:
    Ans: All of the above

    2. Which is NOT true of cBridge?
    Ans: The transfer fees go directly to the Celer Team.

    3. How many different blockchains and layer-2 rollups does cBridge support?
    Ans: Over 20

    4. Which of the following exhibits typical ROOK, BISHOP, QUEEN user characteristics respectively?
    Ans: Aggressive, Conservative, Hodler

    5. What does staking BNB QUEEN token earn in terms of Yield? Select the answers below 1)BNB QUEEN 2)CHESS Emission 3)Validator Rewards
    Ans: 2 & 3

    6. Where is the CHESS token traded?
    Ans: Binance / Pancakeswap

    7. Why is DeFi beneficial for individuals?
    Ans: All of the above

    8. Why is DeFi beneficial for Institutions?
    Ans: Access to New and Innovative Financial Instruments that were previously unavailable in traditional finance markets

    9. What DeFi products are provided by Venus Protocol?
    Ans: All of the above

    10. What are some of the disadvantages of a traditional centralized marketplace?
    Ans: All of the above

    11. What are the advantages of the Pear Marketplace?
    Ans: All of the above

    12. What is PearDAO’s token name and symbol?
    Ans: Name: Pear DAO, Symbol: PEX

    13. What are the ways to earn yields with Alpaca Finance?
    Ans: All of the above

    14. Which of the following is true about leveraged yield farming with Alpaca Finance?
    Ans: You can multiply your APYs up to 6x through leverage

    15. Which of the following is true about Alpaca’s market-neutral Automated Vault?
    Ans: All of the above

    16. How do you start to build your own Metaverse world in SecondLive?
    Ans: By creating a space

    17. Which one is NOT SecondLive NFT?
    Ans: Avatar NFT

    18. What is the total $LIVE rewards in SecondLive’s weekly staking pool?
    Ans: 100,000 $LIVE

    19. Which one is NOT an important characteristic of a great crypto game?
    Ans: Game with AR/VR technology

    20. What is/are the token name(s) of TopGoal?
    Ans: TMT and GOAL

    21. Who is NOT the target audience of TopGoal?
    Ans: Console Game Players

    22. What is the difference between an NFT and a non-NFT hero in Thetan Arena?
    Ans: All of the above

    23. What can players do on Thetan Arena’s Marketplace?
    Ans: Both are correct

    24. Is Thetan Arena free to play?
    Ans: A – Yes, you can play for free as long as you want

    25. In Galler, what is the name given for the priority mint of an NFT collection?
    Ans: Whitelisting

    26. According to Galler's tips, what are the "3 Main Metrics" you should analyze when it comes to NFT on-chain data?
    Ans: Holders, Supply & Volume

    27. What is the unique feature Galler has that helps users bid for the whole collection at once?
    Ans: Order book


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